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Trip to Yamagata

[Oe-machi] Heavy drinker tour holding to taste Nishiki Oe!

(^^) which "trip of JR "Oku-Oe Yanagawa Hot Springs" slight intoxication" that we held by favorable reception every year held this year, and was decided


It is heavy drinker tour to toast with specialty Teuchi soba and Yamagata regional chicken hot pot with magnificent singing voice of Mogami River sailor's song in famous sake and Yanagawa hot spring not to be removed from the premises.

We change train, and "wind native issue" is operated this year!


Apply early by all means!



"Trip of "Oku-Oe Yanagawa Hot Springs" going in JR Aterazawa Line style native slight intoxication"

Date Saturday, March 11, 2017

Meeting    Yamagata Station: 9:20 ~ in front of byu plaza Yamagata
        Kita-Yamagata Station: Please just take train (receptionist in the car)

Tour costs 6,300 yen


Application, reference

        Yamagata byu plaza TEL023-641-3404



Detailed tour information is this → March tour information




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