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Trip to Yamagata

"Ikuze, Tohoku. [Let's Get Going, Tohoku.] SPECIAL Fuyu-no-Gohobi [SPECIAL Winter Rewards]"

Winter tourist campaign is ongoing from December 1, 2016 in 6 prefectures in Tohoku by JR East, called
"Ikuze, Tohoku. [Let's Get Going, Tohoku.] SEPCIAL Fuyu-no-Gohobi”

Winter rewards such as “Snow Festival & Superb View,” “Hot Spring,” “Food,” and “Sake” are waiting for you
in winter Tohoku as travel commodities.
You have a chance to win specialty products from the prefectures in Tohoku by lot
(newly cropped Tsuyahime rice, renown sake, beauty moisture mask, etc.).

Visit our website “Ikuze, Tohoku” for more information, or
contact your nearest View Plaza.

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