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[meal ticket hits] Asahi-machi ummaimon stamp rally now being held

[meal ticket hits] Asahi-machi ummaimon stamp rally now being held: Image

This plan that becomes held the second following last year.

When we eat delicious thing of Asahi-machi and collect stamps

Chance when meal ticket of a maximum of 10,000 minutes is how this year!

Do you not enter shop worried about at this opportunity for the first time?

Of course regular customer is welcome, too.



From Sunday, October 1, 2017 to Wednesday, January 31, 2018


<participation method>

At � stamp rally participation store eating and drinking, banquet or

We arrive and seal  staying with 1 stamp!

We eat "ummaimon" of Asahi-machi at each � store, and let's collect stamps!

If � stamps (three, five, seven) gather, after filling out necessary matter,

 To collection BOX established in each store!

●Please order wanting stamp card at each store.

●We exchange announcement of elected candidate with shipment of meal ticket.

●Please be careful about the name, address, phone number not to make any mistake.



Asahi-machi inn eating and drinking trade association (the Asahi-machi business and industry society)

TEL: 0237-67-2207


<stamp rally participation store>

Wait for � Roadside Station ASAHI; "Mori of apple" apple Marche

� owl village

� Ringo Onsen resutoran "we hide Sayuri"

� shinka*

� cooking, inn Daimaru-ya

� Saigo bower

� donomae

� restaurant land without a lot number

� Teuchi soba kyogaku

� dining & bar KaRaKaRa (rattle-rattle)

� stack poetry

Outlook on �Asahi nature


☆New establishment☆

〇 Repeat ※There is repeat sealing only in 1 store!




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