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Trip to Yamagata

2017 Takahata winter gift "delicious Urashima's box"

2017 Takahata winter gift "delicious Urashima's box:" Image

- PDF file [ura-.pdf]

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[horse potato tightly]
           Winter of 2017 gift select "delicious Urashima's box"

"Period limited sale!" 
From Monday, November 20, 2017 to Sunday, January 14, 2018

To person who is always taken care of distantly to remote important one,
True heart puts taste more vaunted than mahorobano village Takahata and sends!

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Takahata-machi Taiyo-kan stand         TEL: 0238-57-4177/FAX: 0238-57-4178

Roadside Station Takahata (tourist information center)  TEL: 0238-52-5433/FAX: 0238-52-5055

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