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Trip to Yamagata

Autumn color enjoyment tour (Mogami area)

Autumn color enjoyment tour

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The time required
Approximately six hours
From JR Rikuu West Line Furukuchi Station (from Shinjo Station to Furukuchi Station 20 minutes)
It is approximately five minutes on foot to Tozawa feudal clan ship guard station


Teuchi soba experience (Tozawa feudal clan ship guard station) (Tozawa-mura)

There is making soba experience in Furukuchi port (Tozawa feudal clan ship guard station) which is port of regular service departure of Mogami barge descent. (it requires reservation up to three days before)

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Mogami-kyo Gorge ship descent (Tozawa feudal clan ship guard station) (Tozawa-mura)

Mogami barge descent to be below approximately 12km for one hour (regular service). The mountains which changed color to see are overwhelmed in beauty and majesty by ship. Mogami-kyo Gorge oldness and village are at halfway point of ship descent and catch handful of barbecue and fish, and there is waterfall sliding, too.
※We can come back to Furukuchi Port by route bus from port of arrival.

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It is approximately two minutes by car
Koraikan Korai-kan (Tozawa-mura)

Theme park of Japan-Korea friendship that reproduced the Korean history and culture.
There are stands where restaurant, Hunkuk Trading which bibimbap and cold noodle can taste are even on abundantly.

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It is approximately one hour by car
Shirakawa, Mogami mountain stream, Shirakawa Dam Park (Mogami-machi)

Colored leaves around Shirakawa Dam in the foot of Kurikoma Seminational Park Kamuro mountain range appear in the surface of the water and are wonderful scenery.

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It is approximately 30 minutes by car
Semi Hot Springs (Mogami-machi)

Hot spring of glen that pulls steam peacefully in among the mountains, and reflects bather on the surface of the water of Oguni-gawa River.
Legend to say that Yoshitsune party who escapes from pursuer of Yoritomo Minamoto, and aimed at Hiraizumi discovered is handed down.

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