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Trip to Yamagata

"Takahata direct marketing" stamp rally holding!

"Takahata direct marketing" stamp rally holding! : Image

- PDF file [map.pdf]

We hold stamp rally around eight places of direct sale places of Takahata☆

Saturday, September 16, 2017 ~ Tuesday, October 10

<participation direct sale place>
Yoneori Center (souvenirs, restaurant)
Takahata Chisan building
JA Yamagata Okitama "Ai Kameoka Chinese restaurant"
It is direct sale place for Akao
Sightseeing in time swamp vineyard
Meeting ~ of the Roadside Station Takahata ~ mahoroba earth
Green Farm narazaka
Four seasons Chinese restaurant

Wonderful special product of Takahata-machi is presented by lot by 24 people in total!
Please buy autumn farm products of Takahata-machi pride at this opportunity♪

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