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We raise English version videos of the Murayama district! Amazing Yamagata Video Contest!

We raise English version PR videos of the Murayama district! Call for Submissions: Videos Introducing Your Favorite Parts of Murayama!
~ Win a free pair of tickets for an overnight stay at a deluxe Japanese Onsen!

  • Offer summary The outline of submissions
  •  You recruit videos of English version of Murayama, Yamagata district which wants to introduce to family or friend of own mother country to plan attracting tourist from foreign countries to the Murayama, Yamagata district in sightseeing in Yamagata wide area meeting. Shows accommodation coupon pair ticket (five sets of number of the total premiums) of wonderful hot-spring hotel which Murayama, Yamagata district is proud of and wonderful prize for participation in award for excellence in what you prepare for, and please apply. (application deadline September 30, 2016)
  • Details from this
  • To encourage overseas tourists to visit Yamagata' s Murayama region, we are collecting videos that feature spots of interest in Murayama that you would like to introduce to friends and family. Prizes for the best submissions include a pair of tickets for an overnight stay at a deluxe Murayama Japanese Onsen.  There will also be prizes for all those that participate.  Everyone is encouraged to apply! (Submissions closing date: 9/30/2016)
  • For the details
  • Prize Prizes:
  • We present prize for participation to applicant except award for excellence with hot-spring hotel pair accommodation coupon (five sets of number of the total premiums) in Murayama, Yamagata area about excellent thing among works subscribed for again.
  • Creators of the best submissions will receive a pair of tickets for an overnight stay at a deluxe Murayama Japanese Onsen (Total of 5 sets will be awarded). Creators of non-winning videos will receive a prize for participation.

  • Qualifications Who Can Participate:
  • ・Which there is interest, interest in Yamagata, and actually visits the Murayama, Yamagata district, and can photograph introduction video
  • You!!!!

  • Condition Video Requirements: of video
  • ・Language: English
  • ・The length of the video being less than five minutes.
  • ・Video to subscribe for being released for the first time this time.
  • ・Delightful interesting interesting picture that Murayama, Yamagata district where creator wants to introduce video to family friends of mother country is beautiful of the things appearing.
  • ※About the Murayama district, it becomes pink part in Yamagata Prefecture map.
  • ・Face and voice of the person appearing in video by all means.
  • ・Do not use inappropriate words in video.
  • ・Copyright (we include editorial right) of adopted video belong to sightseeing in Yamagata wide area meeting.
  • ※Video is published in homepages of sightseeing in Yamagata wide area meeting, but may edit a part of the video.
  • ・Language: English
  • ・5 minutes or less in length
  • ・Submissions must never have been shown publicly prior to this contest
  • ・Must feature beautiful, fun, cool, or interesting parts of the Murayama region that you would like to introduce to your friends and family at home
  • *The Murayama region is located in the central eastern part of Yamagata Prefecture. Please refer to the pink section of the Yamagata tourism map
  • ・Your face and voice must both appear in the video
  • ・Must not include any coarse or otherwise inappropriate language
  • ・Legal rights to the selected videos (including rights to edit) will become the property of the Yamagata Regional Tourism Association
  • *Videos will be posted on the Yamagata Regional Tourism Association' s homepage, and it is possible that parts will be edited
  • Offer period and application method Submission Period and How to Enter:
  • ・The offer deadline: Until September 30, 2016
  • ・Applicant apply by either method in two following methods.
  •   You upload, and transmit URL and name, address, phone number to video sites such as YouTube to yamagatavideo@gmail .com on 1 video which you made.
  •   Transmit video which made 2 to yamagatavideo@gmail .com after having attached the name, address, phone number of creator, information of e-mail address using file transmission service.
  • ・Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2016
  • ・Participants should use one of the two methods below to submit their entries:
  •  ・Upload the video to YouTube or a comparable video hosting site, and then send the URL, along with the submitter' s name, address, and telephone number, to yamagatavideo@gmail .com
  •    ・Use a file transfer service to send the video, with submitter' s name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address information included, to yamagatavideo@gmail .com

  • Reference Contact:
  • Sightseeing in Yamagata wide area meeting (Yamagata Regional Tourism Association)
  •  E-mail yamagatavideo@gmail .com
  • Tel: 023-621-8444 (charge Tanaka, ask for Tanaka)
[Last updated] September 06, 2016



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