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Trip to Yamagata

[stamp rally] R287 Shirataka Asahi Oe vertical section stamp rally is held!

At stamp Establishment point, let's obtain mount (application paper).

<application method>
We can apply if we push more than each one place of Shirataka, Asahi, Oe town.

Be past three town!

Successful probability is double if we get stamp in festival, Events!

From 4 to 5 on November    Shirataka-machi industry fair 2017
November 12       Oe-machi oeno product taste Festival
November 18, 19th    Asahicho, Asahi-machi Industrial Festival, apple Festival

<the application deadline>

Postmark on that day is effective on Friday, January 12, 2018

<successful announcement>
We change to announcement with shipment (beginning of February plan) of prize.


Enjoy autumn taste of three towns! Circulation! Collect stamps!

We will get "local gourmet gift"!


In Asahi-machi of "Ringo Onsen" "Mori (wait for Roadside Station ASAHI) of apple"

We stamp and install in two places.

We look forward to your participation!



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