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Visiting museum, art museums of Yamagata

Shonai area

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Homma Museum of Art
Taste, the beauty of minute wooden construction architecture of "seienkaku", art museum which fused of art, nature, history, moreover, to be able to enjoy to history of Sakata, Minato-cho of the four seasons that are plan exhibition of contemporary art, profoundness of "Tsurumai garden" from early modern antique art object. 0234-24-4311
Ken Domon Museum
We are born as art museum where is specialized in the Japan's first photograph. It stores all about 70,000 points of works. 0234-31-0028
Sakata-shi art museum
Man of influence of Japanese foreign film world: Shigeru Morita, Western picture painter of member of Japan Art Academy: Western picture painter from *ryo*roshi, Sakata-shi: Work and sculptor of Chozo Saito: We display works of Takeshi Takahashi. 0234-31-0095
Kurokawa-Noh-no-Sato, Ogi Hall
Facility which introduces important intangible folk cultural properties "Kurokawa Noh." We display "ogisai" and four programs including "one year of Kurokawa Noh" with large screen. 0235-57-5310
Chido Museum
History and Culture of Tsuruoka are introduced and exhibited in this museum Precious historic building is removed and rebuilt among them. It stores eight kinds of important Ltd. form folk cultural assets 5,350 points and displays. 0235-22-1199
Ideha Cultural Memorial Hall
We introduce history of Dewa San-zan, characteristic and culture of Haguro mountaineering asceticism clearly. Conch free trial is possible, too. 0235-62-4727

Mogami area

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Shinjyo Hometown Historical Center (Shinjo-shi) Introduction of history of Kyoho Hina Doll and Shinjyo hina tool and Shinjyo related to feudal lord. Display of excellent festival car of Shinjyo Festival is on festival car the first floor of the hall, too. 0233-22-2188

Murayama area

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Yamagata Prefectural museum
It is located in Kajo Park and exhibition room in hall greatly separates and it is from 3 exhibit space of "change of modern times Yamagata living" and is displayed "history ticked away on the earth of Yamagata" "rich nature and the blessing" clearly each. 023-645-1111
Yamagata Museum of Art
Art museum led by three pillars who added French art to Japan and the Orient art, native district relations art newly. 023-622-3090
Risshaku-ji Temple Goto Museum
Art museum mainly on European picture which Jiro Fujisue collected after being from Kahoku-cho, Yamagata. 023-695-2010
Hiroshige Museum
We collect works of Hiroshige Utagawa known as ukiyoe artist widely, and original painting and color woodblock prints from first Hiroshige who played an active part late in the Edo era to four generations are displayed. 023-654-6555
Dewazakura Museum of Art
Main store product is ceramics and craft of Old Korea, Silla, Korai, the Rhee Dynasty period. In addition, we display plans every three months such as book of modern writer, craft in connection with cherry blossoms, Japanese six old kiln. 023-654-5050
Basho, Seifu history museum
Other than permanent exhibition, temporary exhibition, lecture or gallery talk are held, too. 0237-22-0104

Okitama area

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Yonezawa-shi Uesugi Museum
We can mention history of castle town, Yonezawa related to Uesugi, and precious articles and national treasure related to Uesugi of several thousand are stored. 0238-26-8000

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