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meromeropanchi Round12 September 17 holding!

meromeropanchi Round12 September 17 holding! : Image

meromeropanchi Round12 music&art festival2017
2017.9.17 holding!
"meromeropanchi" had thought to want to please people
Entertainment that is only for on 1st when friends gather and make and put up
It is Wonderland.

Even if the meropanno powerful charm is called anything; outdoor live!
Kids dance to dance to live performance is force perfect score☆
It is Events to be able to enjoy from small child to elderly.
A lot of delicious eating and drinking prepare!

Musician who plays an active part in various places throughout the prefecture
Stage of performance

Workshop & experience corner where child is born

As for a lot of delicious food & drinks!

In venue of cheering party serve, and a lot of friends come to play, too!

Instigate meromeropanchi Round11 ~ heart! ~
<Date and Time> Sunday, September 18, 2016 from 11:00 to 19:00 ※Executing the event on a light rainy day
Venue: Hachimanpara, Yonezawa-shi Park campsite
Ticket: Advance sale [adult] 1,500 yen (with exchange ticket for 300 yen)
Advance sale [high school student] 1,000 yen (with exchange ticket for 300 yen)
No charge for admission lower than junior high student

※Today's ticket does not run out of exchange ticket of privilege for advance ticket and the same amount.
※For 300 yen of advance sale privilege exchange ticket food and drink, workshop,
It is available in other paid Events.
※A part of the earnings of Events is Peace Boat mine extinction campaign
(P-MAC) We are sent to Cambodia through this.

Plan, sponsorship: MERO PROJECT
Support: Coca-Cola East Japan Co., Ltd.
   Yonezawa-shi forever community center
Cooperation: J-Sound Project
   Crayon Japanese cypress
   (no company) Association of sightseeing in Yonezawa convention
   bu tei type preservation society


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