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Trip to Yamagata

We light up Haguro Shrine and give a concert and hold!

We light up Haguro Shrine and give a concert and hold! : Image

We light up heart of Master Takashi Yonezawa and give a concert

We lighted up Haguro Shrine in district in mountain, and we were colored by sound and light
We hold fantastic concert.

Heishu Hosoi that Haguro Shrine which became venue was ever broken into by Yonezawa from the Edo era
As place where Uesugi Lord Yozan met teacher at, become country designated historic spot
It is building with the history that there is. From castle bottom to 8km away Haguro Shrine
It is biography erutameno for heart of uyamaishi where we went to Lord Yozan in history by oneself
It is concert.

Koji Yamaguchi of samisen player who hangs the world on crotch, and plays an active part,
We show performance of force to shake soul,
As for the costarring with sanjouyamaishitako led by local Sekine children child
We perform.
In addition, Electone player who is from Yonezawa, and plays an active part now in Tokyo,
Rino Sato Yoshiko Yazaki of drum and light session
We develop.

As it becomes no charge for admission, we feel free to contact with your friends

▼ Date and time / Saturday, July 28 from 17:30 to 20:00
▼ In venue / mountain the district Haguro Shrine precincts (parking lot: in mountain community center)
▼ Admission / free of charge (as for the application, unnecessary)
▼ Business executive committee which learns heart of inquiry / uyamaishi
      (inner community center in mountain)
Telephone 35-2110


The flyer back side

The flyer back side: Image

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