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2018 Nagai Dance Parade


Guidance of conduct summary and participation offer

■ki     Sun Saturday, July 7, 2018
◎Rainy weather decisive action (please judge about participation in each group)
◎In the case of heavy rain, warning, warning official announcement, we cancel. There is no postponement.
■Method of parade                     
� program new Nagai dance
� Courses Nagai Station main street ~ city hall section (we perform by go-around method)
Two places of citizen's parking lots for � reception desk meeting place Nagai Station and city halls
� start time 6:30 p.m. (plan)
We are going to organize with two side with each line group adult of � dance, child      
� clothes    sojiyoshi (we OK disguise)
� participation qualification Nagai citizen (credit in district, public hall, annex, children's association, office, circle)
   Jumping in is welcome in everybody, anyone along Nagai Line!
� application method    To application group name, representative name, contact information, the participant number of people
   You fill out, and apply for Nagai-shi tourist association until Wednesday, June 20, 2018.
  *There is application in tourist association or commercial and industrial sightseeing section. It is in the lower part of this article.

★ About the furtherance such as group, office, it is 300 yen per one.
★ We produce placard in executive committee. You have in each participation group.
★ Parking lot for city halls holds bustle open space (stand, fair corner) Events.
   (we give complimentary ticket of fair open space to participant of ※ child.)
★ When float is given, we would like small vehicle of light truck degree.
  (vehicle which, for go-around Courses, is pivotable)
  As apply by executive committee lump, vehicle width, height, length, what kind of decoration (drawing)
  Please contact the tourist association secretariat.
★ Contents of Details will inform as soon as they are decided.

 ―Application, reference―
Nagai-shi tourist association TEL0238-88-5279 FAX0238-88-5276
Commerce, Industry and Sightseeing Section of Nagai-shi (corresponding window at the time of ※ rainy weather) TEL0238-87-0827


Implementation guideline and application are downloaded by this → Implementation guideline, application

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