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Trip to Yamagata

Snow Trekking & Snowmobile

From 2014 to 2015 Snow trekking snowmobile


Zao Kogen Bodaira Japanese Kanjiki TrekkingZao Kanjiki Trekking Tengendai snowshoe Gassan Snowshoe Hagurosan Snowshoe Iide Dondendaira Snow Park pin1 Snowshoe & snow shoes experience tour (Tengendai) Gassan Snowshoe Trekking Hagurosan Snowshoe Hiking Iide Dondendaira Snow Park Zao Kogen Bodaira Japanese Kanjiki Trekking Snowy district Wonderland snowmobile experience (Shinjo-shi) Snowy district Wonderland snowmobile experience (Shinjo-shi)


Place of schedule of last year revises as soon as information becomes available.

※Open period may change by the situation of snowfall the date. Please go out after confirmation.

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Zao Kanjiki

Zaoonsen, Yamagata-shi

◆Zao center plateau snowshoe Snow hike (there is no guide)

Open: From Tuesday, January 14, 2020 to Sunday, March 22

Rate 3,000 yen (it includes Zao center ropeway sky cable roundtrip, snowshoe rental)

Trekking that is willful at own pace

Zao Chuo Ropeway
Telephone: 023-694-9168
Zao sky cable

◆Winter Okama admiration trekking (with guide)

◆Snowshoe trekking

We show around made-to-order trekking.

Zao Onsen Tourism Association


Zao Bodaira Kogen

Snow walking

Zao Bodaira Kogen

Zao riser outdoor school
We show around made-to-order trekking of boudaira plateau and Juhyo tree (tree rime) Hara.

Zao riser

◆Walking, boudaira is short every day
Open: From January 4, 2019 to March 31 (designated date)
We rent snowshoe to meeting/10:00-12:30/participant free at riser restaurant or ZAO tairagura (it varies according to Sun) 10:00
Person using public transport, please use white echo from Kaminoyama-Onsen Station.
For more details, please confirm this.

Kaminoyama-shi government office kuaoruto promotion room
(extension number 226)

◆Juhyo tree (tree rime) snow shoes hike
Date Each Monday of from January 27 to March 16

[it requires reservation until two minimum passenger count, four days ago]

Admission 9,000 yen (guide, snow shoes pole rental, lift-containing) ※We accept than two people

We are dissolved at Kaminoyama-Onsen Station tourist information center at riser restaurant meeting - around 12:30 at reception desk - 10:00 at 9:00

(one) Sightseeing product association of Kaminoyama-shi
Trying Out Tour
Yonezawa-shi Shirabu
Tengendai Kogen

◆Snowshoe & snow shoes experience tour (product for beginners working under guide)

1,350m above sea level! The footprint (footprint) exploration to describe in fresh snow!

Open: From the middle of December, 2019 to Saturday, February 29, 2020

[it requires reservation until 17:00 on two minimum passenger count, day before]

Rate adult 3,000 yen primary schoolchild 2,500 yen (it includes snowshoe or snow shoes rental) 

9:50 meeting, 11:30 dissolution

Tengendai Kogen

◆Juhyo tree (tree rime) appreciation lift hiking (product for intermediate people)

We appreciate "toothbrush Juhyo tree (tree rime)" peculiar to Mt. Azuma-san while getting on lift

Tour with guide walking silver world of 1,820m above sea level

Date Sunday, January 26, 2020, Saturday, February 1, Sunday, February 9

[it requires reservation until 20 minimum passenger count five (capacity), three days ago]

Rate 4,000 yen (it includes lift charges. Road according to snow shoes rental charges)

◆Ningyoite snow shoes trekking

We walk virgin forest of tsuga (hemlock spruce) while feeling spring sunlight

Date March 20, 2020 Friday (holiday), Sunday, April 19

[it requires reservation until 20 minimum passenger count five (capacity), three days ago]

Gassan Snowshoe
Nishikawa-machi, Nishimurayama-gun
Gassan Yumiharidaira and others

Why don’t you take a walk through mysterious winter woods with snowshoes on, looking for animal’s footprints and feeling breath of beeches which are waiting for spring?

Open: From Saturday, December 14, 2019 to Tuesday, March 31, 2020

◆A lot of snow shoes trekking [reservation required]
� Yumibaridaira, Shizu area

� Mizusawa, Numayama, Mazawa, Kaishu Area

� Oisawa Area

There is a variety of Courses including product for hiking experienced people from product for beginners to want to experience snow shoes

Association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko


◆<Shinsetsu Fuwa Fuwa Walking

Date Sunday, December 22, 2019, Sunday, January 26, 2020, Sunday, March 1 Sunday, March 31

Reservation required by 5:00pm of the day before; at least 2 people needed to be held

Association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko

Tourist information center

Hagurosan Snowshoe

Hagurocho, Tsuruoka-shi
Hagurosan, Toge

Let’s hike on Hagurosan, which is also a power spot!
Date After Sunday is undecided as of 11/15 for Sunday, Saturday, February 1, nine days for Saturday, 26 days for Sunday, January 12, 2019, 18 days

※2/9 becomes "Tsuruoka tekuteku health village forest walk" Events
Around 25 capacity
Reservation required (we accept from 1/4 and start. Until two days before participation Sun)

Mt. Gassan visitor center
Hijiori Onsen
Experience-based program
Hijiori Hot Springs Village

◆Snowy footprint exploration walking (the beginner's class Courses)

Snowshoe for about 40 minutes walks while exploring footprint of animal over snow of distance having short about 500m in Hijiori Onsen which is outstanding heavy snowfall areas of the whole country

Date Saturday, December 28, 2019
Saturday, January 18, 2020, Saturday, February 8, Saturday, March 7

Experience-based time: From 14:00 to 15:00
Participation fee: 1,000 yen (in the case of one person 1,500 yen)

It requires reservation the day before until 16:00. Even one person is possible.

Hijiori Ideyu-kan


◆Snowy footprint exploration walking (intermediate Courses)

Snowshoe walking to walk about 1.3km to Kogane Onsen from Hijiori Onsen through Japanese larch forest of the neighborhood of Okura mine.

Date Sunday, January 12, 2020, 26th Sunday
       Sunday, March 10, 15th Sunday

Experience-based time: From 10:00 to 12:00
Admission 1,600 yen (in the case of one person 2,400 yen)

It requires reservation the day before until 16:00. Even one person is possible.

The first sunrise of a new year
Snow shoes hike

Takatou Yayama

You climb one Takatou Yayama of 100, Yamagata grand mountain, and please enjoy the first sunrise of a new year from the mountaintop of 368m above sea level. ※We are working under guide
Date Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Admission 500 yen (we include bathing charges, insurance. Road according to snow shoes rental charges)
We are dissolved at meeting 8:30 at 5:30
(Reservation required)

Kawanishi Town Tourist Association
Mt. Chokai-san Ninotaki
Icicle trekking

It is Snow trekking tour to see huge icicle that the whole waterfall which we can look at only for the cold winter period was frozen hard (one-way about two hours). ※We are working under guide

Date Sunday, February 9, 2020

2 Courses Ltd. (for each 30 offer staff) of 7:30-14:30/9:00-16:00

Admission 4,500 yen (we include light lunch, bathing, insurance)

※(Reservation required)

Yuza Chokai Tourism Association
Natagiri-toge Pass
Snowshoe tour

Tour to walk Natagiri-toge Pass known as Basho Matsuo having gone with the sum snowshoe. ※We are working under guide

Date Sunday, March 17, 2019

Admission 2,000 yen (lunch, insurance, guide)

8:30 Ichinono public hall meeting (bus moves to Natagiri-toge Pass entrance)

※(Reservation required)

Obanazawa-shi Tourism Association


Event Name <Location> <Contents> Contact
Iide Dondendaira
Snow Park
3341 Hagyu
Trying out snowmobile riding, thrilling banana boat, and huge slide, all you cannot try at ski area, are waiting for you to come♪
Open: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until ~ Sunday, March 1 undecided on Saturday, January 11, 2020 ※Undecided open for lack of snow
(in the case of hope, refer for the pivot on weekdays)

Business hours 10:00-16:00
Ide-machi Tourist Association
Telephone: 0238-86-2411
Yukiguni Wonderland
Snowmobile Trying Out
at Kamuten Park

Have fun riding banana boats and trying out snowmobile riding on exclusive courses! Also, snow slide has a tremendous impact.

Open: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays of ~ Saturday, February 29 undecided on Saturday, January 11, 2020 ※Undecided open for lack of snow

Business hours 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00

There is weekdays correspondence by advance reservations until three days ago (more than four people)

Shinjo-shi business and industry sightseeing section
Telephone: 0233-22-2111
※Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays to Shinjyo Tourist Association
Telephone: 0233-22-2340
Tokura-ko Lake Snow land Obanazawa-shi
The Tokura-ko Lake outskirts

Play with snow ground opens in heavy snowfall place, Obanazawa for about two months! We rent air board and Snow rider, strike rider of upon the snow specifications free. Snowmobile experience (pay) is possible only in the weekend, too.

Open: ~ Sunday, March 1 undecided on Sunday, January 12, 2020 ※Undecided open for lack of snow

Business hours 10:00-15:00

No charge for admission

Obanazawa-shi Commerce, Industry and Sightseeing Division
Telephone: 0237-22-1111 (extension number 253, 254)


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