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Trip to Yamagata

Trip (Murayama area) to rotate with pet

Trip (Murayama area) to rotate together, also known as wooden bowl

Flow of the whole Courses
The time required
Approximately four hours
・We follow manner rule, and let's prepare for belonging (cage, restroom goods, snacks) of pet well.
・We will confirm uneasy thing beforehand.
Mogami River oldness and multi-purpose park (Sagae-shi)
In city park where was under prefectural management which was almost located the south of center, Sagae-shi of Yamagata Prefecture, we were established as "Sagae highway oasis" in April, 2000. There is rare free dog orchid in the whole country and is good to lack of exercise cancellation of doggy!
Specifically, from this
Mogami River oldness and multi-purpose park
It is approximately 40 minutes by car
Tsukioka Park (Kaminoyama-shi)
Kaminoyama-jo Castle, Tsukioka Hall, famous spot of cherry tree, Kaminoyama chrysanthemum Festival meeting place. There is footbathing to be able to expect Zao Peaks in Park and does well.
Specifically, from this
Tsukioka Park
It is approximately 30 minutes by car
Zao Hot Springs (Yamagata-shi) [accommodation]
A certain Zao Hot Springs is the oldest Ideyu Hot Springs in Ou Mitaka hot water in halfway up a mountain of Zao Peaks, comfortable plateau. We have abundant hotels to be able to stay at with pet. We can spend being relaxed without doggy and Wed entering at favorite hotel.
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<hotel to be able to stay at together, also known as wooden bowl> to this
Zao Hot Springs (accommodation)

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