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Trip to Yamagata

Yamagata tour (Mogami area) that is crazy about child

Child is Yamagata tour of single-mindedness

Flow of the whole Courses
The time required
Approximately five hours
School, Taniguchi gakkosoba (Kaneyamamachi) of the four seasons
Experience-based facility using Kaneyama elementary school Taniguchi branch school closed down in 1996. Using classroom of school building, we carry out various experience-based menus. They can have by volume perfect score, and both child and adult should be always excited at meal by different traditional lessons!
Specifically, from this
School, Taniguchi gakkosoba of the four seasons
It is 15 minutes by car
By forest railway truck GO! (Mamurogawa-machi)
All we take the turn by truck on rail of approximately 1km spread in Mori site of experience before "Mamurokawa Hot Springs Senbairi-en". While we are blown by soft breeze, let's enjoy forest bathing leisurely.
Specifically, from this
It is GO! by forest railway truck
It is 25 minutes by car
Sakegawa-mura Eco park (Sakegawa-mura)
General stay type nature Park that Sakegawa-mura Eco park featured the theme of "symbiosis with nature." Other than accommodation in camping cottage and one-day barbecue, we carry out various experience-based programs. When, in very large Shinrinkoen of total area 30 hectares, we enjoy nature of various forms.
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Sakegawa-mura Eco park

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