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Trip to Yamagata

☆The 27th Tendo summer festival☆

☆The 27th Tendo summer festival ☆: Image

- PDF file [20170725145207 .pdf]

Hot summer festival of Tendo-shi is held this year!

Do you not participate in summer festival of Tendo-shi together, everybody?

The date  : Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 9th Wednesday
Location : ・Street to hot water of Maizuru temple intersection ~ Tendo Hot Springs street ~ Fuji
        (prefectural road Tendo station, Wakamatsu Line)
       ・Hot water ~ boiled boiled land western entrance (city street north eyes hoe no town line) of Fuji

During "Tendo summer festival" period, to ensure the security of visitors,
We prohibit use of "(unmanned plane) such as drones" in venue.

☆Tuesday, August 8☆
It was called off under the influence of typhoon today (August 8).

☆Wednesday, August 9☆
 17: 20 → Hawaiian hula           [in headquarters travelling distance]

 18:00 → Tendo Hanakoma dance parade [heated land west entrance breeding in ~ in front of the bath of Fuji]

 18:15 → Shogi mikoshi portable shrine parade 
               [heated land west entrance breeding in hot water ~ of hot spring intersection ~ Fuji]

 21:00 → Over

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