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Trip to Yamagata

We make a tour of Okitama power spots

We make a tour of Okitama power spots

Flow of the whole Courses
The time required
About seven hours
Kumano Shrine (Nanyo-shi)
i*dakuson (izanaginomikoto) and i**son (izanaminomikoto) which are God of Kumano Shrine are God of man and woman bound together in myth very first. Because God who proposes for the first time in Japan, and was bound together is presented, it is got close as power spot of matchmaking. Three rabbits hide on the main hall back of Kumano Shrine and carve and are done and, as for people who found three, are handed down "having request realized" saying "he/she lets you do".
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Kumano-Taisha Shrine
It is 25 minutes by car
Inari Mori ancient tomb, country designated historic spot (Nanyo-shi)
Inari Mori ancient tomb made 1600 or more ago now in earlier period of Burial Mound age (the fourth century) is burial mound with a square front and a round back which even about 96m in total length, prefecture first place, Tohoku boast of one of the best size to. We are estimated to be grave of chief who ruled over Okitama district at the time, and it is authorized in country designated historic spot. At Inari Mori ancient tomb of a lot of green, let's feel ancient romance and energy.
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Inari Mori ancient tomb (country designated historic spot)
It is 30 minutes by car
Kameoka Monjudo Temple (Takahata-machi)
Kameoka Monjudo Temple which attracts faith as the Japan's three biggest Bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect. Oki feeling history grows thick, and there is solemn atmosphere in the precincts. We are known as God of study, and person coming in examination prayer does not cut off trace. Furthermore, temple built on the right side towards former Bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect temple which climbed long stone stairway is matchmaking Kannondo of Daishoji. Is good match drawn if we pray well?…? Do not forget to drink "Wed of wisdom" either.
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Kameoka Monju-do
It is 35 minutes by car
Uesugi Shrine (Yonezawa-shi)
In Shinto shrine built in ruins of Yonezawa-jo Castle, we worship famous admiral Kenshin Uesugi who fought against Shingen Takeda with "the Battle of Kawanakajima". It is said that throat which is the studies accomplishment, business prosperity has profit other than kaiummanekifuku, the wish accomplishment and is full of always many worshipers. Can you encounter "military commander unit of Yamagata Okitama love" showing performance with armor-clad warrior look for the purpose of sightseeing PR and hospitality if lucky?
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Uesugi Jinja Shrine
5 min by car
Joji Uesugi Land (Yonezawa-shi)
We take a short break from Uesugi Shrine at history of close castle Land. For the power spot circulation second half, it is stomach goshiraehaikagadesho. In restaurants such as cafe, Japanese dishes, western dishes restaurant, local gourmet mainly on Yonezawa beef enjoy and keeps Gifts abundantly, too.
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Uesugi Joshien
20 min by car
One of the zodiac signs god of wealth Motoyama (Yonezawa-shi)
One of the zodiac signs god of wealth Motoyama is Japanese only Motoyama worshiping one of the zodiac signs god of wealth of Kobo Daishi (Kukai) product. God who is familiar with smile speaking of Oguro with a smile. It is got close as family's social standing prosperity, business prosperity, God of kaiummanekifuku from the old days, and it is said that we grant fortune, salary, Kotobuki. Copying of a sutra sermon experience performing in one of the zodiac signs god of wealth Motoyama calms heart and lets you refresh feeling. You have heart of copying of a sutra calmly in quiet temple, and do you not reflect oneself?
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One of the zodiac signs god of wealth Motoyama
It is 30 minutes by car
Shirabuotaki Waterfall (Yonezawa-shi)
There is Shirabuotaki Waterfall in place where we went down swamp of the left hand since it is in Shirabu hot-spring resort from the west Azuma sky valley. It is said to be origin of "Shirabu" that running Wed totally looked dynamic like one piece of white cloth. Power spot where waterfall can reset mind and body in space full of "chilly air" "clean Wed." When as we can go to immediate near the basin of a waterfall, we enjoy powerful view and sound.
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Shirabuotaki Waterfall
It is five minutes on foot
Shirabu Hot Springs (Yonezawa-shi)
Simple mountain hot spring resort with history of the open hot water 700 rest of life. Accommodation of 300 years old or more roofs of thatch is left and is known as famous spot of colored leaves in autumn. Let's heal body which bathed in much power with easy hot water while taking a walk through rustic hot-spring resort.
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Shirabu Hot Springs

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