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Trip to Yamagata

Fishing at sea & Japan seafood enjoyment Courses

Fishing at sea & Japan seafood enjoyment Courses

Flow of the whole Courses
The time required
Approximately seven hours
JR Sakata Station (car than Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway Sakata I.C. 20 minutes, 8.5�)
Hokukouryokuchi, Sakata observation deck (Sakata-shi)
We open in April, 2000.
Of popularity as view spot of setting sun which can overlook outport and north port district of Sakata Port from 18m above the ground, and sinks into the Sea of Japan. Display facility "buttocks building of port is added to the first floor, too".
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Hokukouryokuchi, Sakata observation deck
It is 15 minutes by car
Sakata Seafood Market (Sakata-shi)
Restaurant that can thoroughly enjoy fresh fish and seafood which opened in Sakata Port on May 17, 2003. Fresh fish shop that fresh fishery products form a line on the first floor at the Shonai beach links the eaves, and restaurants that can thoroughly enjoy fresh Japanese seafood line up on the second floor.
Please enjoy conversation with person of shop which knew everything about fresh fish of the Shonai beach including delicious how to eat fish. It is new famous place of Sakata who can fully enjoy both meal and shopping. A lot of shops which can enjoy fresh Japanese seafood including sushi and seafood bowl in Sakata-shi.
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▼When we look for favorite shop?

All and market
It is 40 minutes by car
Yura ocean fishing pond (Tsuruoka-shi)
Fishing pond in Hakusan island of Yura Coast that beautiful scenery and romance of Yaotome legend chosen as 100, Nagisa choice of Japan, excellent bath ground 100 selections breathe. Fishing at sea is possible in families casually while seeing the Sea of Japan.
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▼Fishing experience-based spot of neighborhood

Yura ocean fishing pond
5 min by car
Yura Hot Springs (Tsuruoka-shi)
Yura Hot Springs in the beautiful shore chosen as 100, Nagisa choice of Japan, excellent bath ground 100 selections. When, at public bathhouse which can move to sea bathing, fishing at sea return easily, we enjoy hot water of Yura.
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Yura Hot Springs
It is 30 minutes by car
Roadside Station "Atsumi" Sharin (Tsuruoka-shi)
Brown unique building where ship which floated in the sea was built in motif by carpenter resident in Atsumi area. Including dining room (early beach drive-in) which can taste fresh fresh fishery products, we sell special product of Atsumi and recommended article. In addition, seasonal farm products, artefacts form a line in seasonal greens City space every day and are good to selection of Gifts. Between adjacent information, you can look at sightseeing information of Atsumi other than road information and neighboring weather.
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Atsumi Roadside Station

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