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H30 season Nakatsu River bracken garden information

H30 season Nakatsu River bracken garden information: Image

List of sightseeing in Nakatsu River Bracken (warabi) garden information 

※We update as soon as opening of the park Sun of each Bracken (warabi) garden, reference are decided.


-Ill-mannered people increase rapidly in ----late years. -- - - -

The forest except Bracken (warabi) garden is private land and district financial ward possession, national forest.

Ground incarnation has all mountains by all means. Climbing a mountain and mountain which we can gather exist in nobody without permission.

When climb a mountain without permission, and gather by any chance; such as trespassing punishment or theft criminal!

You keep rule, manner, morals, and please enjoy wild plants picking at established place including Bracken (warabi) garden.

In addition, case that deviated from on-the-street parking of privately-owned car and leaving of garbage, common sense including BBQ on street is reported in succession.

Everybody of feeling follow minimum manner, and please enjoy to be able to enjoy well.

Sightseeing Bracken (warabi) garden name Close Sun Reference phone number
 (area code 0238)
Shirakawa bracken garden

Wed, Sun

July 4 close


Storm: 77-2215

Kazuma swamp bracken garden

Wed, Sun

July 8 close


 Shirakawa-so: 77-2124

Small Inazawa (dark)

Bracken garden

Wed, Sun

July 8 close


 Ito: 77-2183

 Otomo: 090-7067-0618

Osodani (osodani)

Bracken garden

Tue, Sat

July 7 close


Nakamura: 77-2661

Utsusawa (uzusawa)

Bracken garden

Wed, Sun

July 8 close


Yamaguchi: 77-2285

Kato: 77-2507


Bracken garden

Tue, Sat

June 30

Sun close



Mezami no Sato tourism product building



※Please refer for person wanting the latest information directly.

As we go for work, it is around noon or would like Japanese-Chinese inquiry to the person in charge (personal house) at past 18:00.

◎The season late May and early July

◎Admission time from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

 hikaba bracken garden is ~ at 10:00 a.m.

◎Free of charge (except group) lower than admission charges one law 2,000 yen primary schoolchild

◎Opening of the park day is fixed every attention bracken garden.



Bracken garden opening of the park Sun of H28 year

 We do not drive and participate in bracken garden opening of the park Sun for five years. It is Utsusawa bracken garden. We hear that there is less snow than average year this year. Does opening of the park Sun become early? Anxious.

2016.04.17 16:59: [Kiyoshi Kaneko]: Editing Deletion

Bracken garden opening of the park Sun of Re:H28 year

Thank you for your inquiry! As scheduled opening of the park date of sightseeing in Nakatsugawa Bracken (warabi) garden was fixed, we uploaded article promptly. We would appreciate your referring to article. There is full-scale suspension of traffic, and you are inconvenient, but come carefully enough all the time this year with room when you come!

2016.04.19 15:29: [Ide-machi Tourist Association]: Editing Deletion

We want to know bracken garden opening of the park Sun of 30 years

 We are looking forward to the opening of the park of Utsusawa bracken garden this year. You are when, but please tell.

2018.05.11 05:11: [Kiyoshi Kaneko]: Editing Deletion

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