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Trip - which thoroughly enjoys classmate and - Shonai gourmet with friend


2days plan

Trip to thoroughly enjoy Shonai gourmet with friend

Tsuruoka Station

It is about 20 minutes by car

Italian [lunch] of Shonai ingredients


Location Tsuruoka-shi

Plan for stay time: About 1 hour 30 minutes


Italian of Shonai ingredients

There are full of delicious ingredients including mountain seafood and convention vegetables in Shonai. We can enjoy cooking of various genres that made use of the ingredients in area.


It is about 30 minutes by car

Atsumi Hot Spring Rose Garden


Location Tsuruoka-shi

Plan for stay time: About one hour


Atsumi Hot Spring Rose Garden

Popular view spot where rose of about 90 kinds of 3,000 is planted. The best time to see continues from June through October, and rose garden Festival is held in Jun of coming out grandly most every year.


It is about 50 minutes by car

Yunohama Onsen [accommodation]


Location Tsuruoka-shi

Plan for stay time: Accommodation


Yunohama Onsen

Beach of the prefecture spreading out in large shoreline of Yunohama hot-spring village's greatest scale. Large sandy beach, the shallow for a good distance from the shore sea, spot full of charm including broad perspective of the beautiful setting sun. Marine sports are prosperous, too.
There is anecdote called hot spring which sea turtle found.


Yunohama Onsen night

It is about ten minutes by car

Tsuruoka City Kamo aquarium


Location Tsuruoka-shi

Plan for stay time: About one hour


Kamo aquarium

It is the only aquarium in Yamagata Prefecture which attracts attention worldwide as well as the country. It is authorized in Guinness world record with the number of the jellyfish display types. By reopening of June, 2014, in the display route of jellyfish exhibition room, 1.5 times, area scale-uped to 2.5 times.


It is about one hour by car

National treasure, Haguro-san Five-storied Pagoda


Location Tsuruoka-shi

Plan for stay time: About two hours


Haguro-san Five-storied Pagoda

The Tohoku district oldest tower that is in Suginami Thu of Mt. Haguro-san approach to a shrine "one slope" foot.
There is big cedar "grandfather cedar" of 1,000 years years old near, and the body is tightened in solemn atmosphere.


It is about 40 minutes by car

Mogami barge descent experience [making soba, raft descent, having a swim in a river]


Location Tozawa-mura

Plan for stay time: Approximately 30 minutes


Mogami barge descent

As spot to be able to enjoy in families leisurely, raft descent and Soba Making Experience, having a swim in a river experience are possible commencing with ship descent.

It is about 40 minutes by car

Shinjo Station

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