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Trip to Yamagata

Trip - which investigates - oshinno scenery location in the third generation parent and child


2days plan

Trip to investigate oshinno scenery location

Yamagata Station

It is about 30 minutes by car

Risshaku-ji Temple


Location Yamagata-shi

Plan for stay time: About three hours


Risshaku-ji Temple

Temple which Jikaku Daishi had founding of in 860 (Jogan 2). In Konpon Chudo of the starting point of a mountain climb front, location of movie "oshin" was performed, and the scene visited for New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine with family of service was photographed.


It is about 1 hour 30 minutes by car

Ginzan Hot Springs [accommodation]


Location Obanazawa-shi

Plan for stay time: Accommodation


Ginzan Hot Springs

We experience Taisho dream in clothes for rent.
Hot-spring resort that was visited to meet oshinga, mother who worked away from home. Wooden inn leaving modern atmosphere of the Taisho era links the eaves. At dusk, it is full of tourists walking bottom of gaslight with yukata look.


A Ginzan Hot Springs night

It is about one hour by car

Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence)


Location Mogami-machi

Plan for stay time: About three hours


Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence)

Was appointed to important cultural property as the oldest thing in private house in 1969.
In addition, it is famous for Yamagata Prefecture first as family where we stayed at in occasion of Oku-no-Hosomichi pilgrimage of Basho.


It is about one hour by ship

Mogami barge descent Kusanagi ~ ship guard station [lunch]


Location Tozawa-mura

Plan for stay time: About one hour


Mogami barge descent

Mogami barge descent Furukuchi (Tozawa-mura) [with ship lunch lunch]
yo ioshinga parents going for service and river that the scene that went down on parting, raft was photographed. Location was performed in screen version "oshin", and that cameo revived after an interval of 30 years.


It is about 20 minutes by bus

Sakata walk


Location Sakata-shi

Plan for stay time: About three hours


Sakata walk

2013 exhibition movie "oshin" relives that scenery in 2008 Academy Award prize winner "okuribito" screen in town walk, and let's see.



It is about one hour by car

Sakata Station

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