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Trip to Yamagata

Nanyo-shi| Visiting the village of Ekubo in Nanyo-shi

Visiting the village of Ekubo in Nanyo-shi

Flow of the whole Courses
The time required
4-5 hours degree
・There is rent-a-bicycle rental
 We register in 9:00-17:00 one 500 yen (Apr ~11 Mon) yunabikarakoro hall
JR Akayu Station
Station building of JR (the east exit) imitates paraglider and wins good design prize.
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JR Akayu Station
It is 20 minutes on foot
Eboshiyama Park
Eboshiyama Park was developed by local volunteers during the Meiji Era located on the elevation which has a bird’s-eye view of the Yonezawa basin; you can enjoy commanding view and seasonal landscape such as cherry blossoms in spring, leafy shade in summer, and colored leaves in autumn at this park where cherry trees, pines, and maple trees are arranged in perfect balance. Selected as one of the 100 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots, this park has a view of Azuma Peaks and Iide-Asahi Peaks with shining lingering snow. These cherry trees, also called by its popular name “Eboshiyama 1,000 cherry trees,” make an amazing sight with more than 100-year-old 1,000 trees of Shidarezakura and Someiyoshino varieties.
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Eboshiyama Park
It is ten minutes on foot
The Toyotaro Yuki Memorial Museum
Front gate daimyo's mansion in Edo of Prince former Satsuma feudal lord Shimazu change old; was done. We prepare remains which we excavated from memento and each city old burial mound of Toyotaro Yuki from 12, Showa nendaizodaishinken*mudaishin, Akayu that became the Bank of Japan 15th charges president later.
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The Toyotaro Yuki Memorial Museum
It is five minutes on foot
yunabikarakoro building (footbath, public bath, stand)
In "yunabi," as for "the information desk of information desk, hot water of YOU" (you) and "the karakoro building," thought that many tourists become Kalla kolo in clogs is loaded hot-spring resort with by center taking Akayu Onsen and navigator of guidance of the city special product. There is guidebook corner in center and is doing guidance of sightseeing spot of Nanyo-shi and each inn of Akayu. In addition, in special product sale section of center on the first floor, we sell Gifts, gelato using fruit from Yamagata. Please enjoy with footing of juxtaposition.
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yunabikarakoro building
It is ~30 minute on foot for three minutes
Visiting wineries, four places of city
The Yamagata prefecture is one of the prominent grape producers in the country. Using grape of local cultivation, the making of wine which we made use of good climate in is carried out and is counted in the Japan's three biggest production center of wine. Won't you come and search for your favorite wine?
In Nanyo-shi, there are Oura wine, Sakai winery, Sato wine, Sudo wine factory.
Oura wine
Sakai winery
Sato wine
Sudo wine factory
Visiting wineries
It is 15 minutes by car
Kumano-Taisha Shrine
One of Japanese three Kumano. Is alias also called "northeastern Ise", the history is 1,200 years. Enshrined deity is izanaginomikoto izanaminomikoto. We worship 30 God led by power of "musuhi" producing all as the first couple in Japan, god of marriage. "Three rabbits" cover to sculpture of the main hall back and are said to be when thought that to carve and is done and have wish realized when we find all reaches.
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Kumano-Taisha Shrine
It is 25 minutes on foot
Yuzuru's hamlet lawn museum
In facility to leave folktale in history, we perform display and play corner about the spinning including picture, sericulture of folktale, oral narration and grasshopper experience, Soba Making Experience of folktale in hall.
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Evening zuruno village museum
It is ten minutes on foot
   Flower Nagai Line Orihata Station

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