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Trip to Yamagata

About the use of safflower Image Download

When, as for the photograph in safflower Image Download, image size does not have trouble,
they can be used for public relations of the Yamagata prefecture purposes.
Before using, please read the bellow warning.
2. Warning about using the images
  1. The copyrights belong to the Yamagata Prefecture.
      The images may be used, but that does not mean that the Yamagata prefecture abdicates its copyrights.
  2. The pictures may be used as material for sightseeing publicity and sales promotion.
      In the case of publications, the pictures may also be edited.
      But using those pictures in a way that would go against public order and morals or harmful in anyway is strictly forbidden.
  3. Selling the pictures as is or after minor editing
      is strictly forbidden.
  4. The usage and the responsibility should be to the actual user.
      If any harm or drawbacks were to result from the usage of the pictures,
      the Yamagata Prefecture is not responsible in anyway.
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