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There is pleasant Events including safflower festival in each place. We can experience Safflower Dyeing experience and knob.

Name The date, period Place, reservation Events contents/inquiry
Visiting villages of irregularity mountain rouge 2018
Monday, July 2 ~
Whole Murayama area We introduce restaurant providing dishes and sweets using safflower in "city of Murayama season".
The prefectural Murayama synthesis Subprefectural Office farming technique spread section (TEL: 023-621-8293)
The 33rd
Yamagata safflower Festival
Saturday, July 7 ・
8th Sunday
Takase district book venue: Takase safflower contact center, Takasawa district
Safflower present, safflower knob experience, Safflower Dyeing experience, safflower sale, photography society, folk art announcement, presentation of the results of the study of Takase Elementary School.
Yamagata safflower Festival executive committee (TEL: 023-686-3341)
Way campaigns to be able to play in the ninth Yamagata street naka time 2018
Saturday, June 23 ~
Sunday, July 22
Learn participation hotel, Yamagata Marugotokan Beninokura, Mizunomachiya Nanokamachi Gotenzeki, Yamagata in Yamagata-shi; hall, the support shop of Nanukamachi mall promotion association
Campaign to send charm of safflower on the stage of central city area of castle town Yamagata-shi of safflower.
・Flower arrangement display of a la carte and safflower arrangement of Safflower Dyeing, the making of candlelight.
・Safflower to enjoy by meal: We provide dishes using safflower in participation facility.
・Safflower quiz: We make questions for quiz concerning safflower in participation facility. We present safflower-related product from correct answer person by lot.
Hotel Metropolitan Yamagata (TEL: 023-628-1111)
The 21st
Safflower knob song contest national convention
Sunday, July 1
Studying building hall
Part (general part, part of advanced age, juvenile part) � juvenile part "national folk song contest" of � safflower knob song contest
The 31st Oku-no hosomichi
Tendo safflower Festival
Saturday, June 30 ~
Sunday, July 8
Upper Nukuzu safflower field, opening ceremony: Village Jagaramura Village of dragon King
Sale of product safflower-related Safflower Dyeing, safflower pickpocket dyeing experience, the making of safflower mini-lease experience, experience made with safflower lip balm, safflower knob experience, photography society, haiku lecture, Wakana Koka knob experience, safflower, safflower cookie present (opening ceremony), mini-lips pageant, safflower.
Tendo safflower Festival executive committee (TEL: 023-654-1111)
Mayuhaki concert 2018
Sunday, July 8
14:00 ~
Lecture venue: *  temple
It is along Muda district way
Admission (cooperation Fri) 500 yen
We invite Mr. Kazuhiro Kikuchi as lecturer and hold violin and concert by piano performance. We guide with appearance of Basho during period. Sampling in three gluten shops is possible, too. In addition, we sell sweets and kudzu starch cake of gluten.
The safflower Muda accommodation secretariat which is shaken by wind
(TEL: 0237-43-3683 (Okuyama)/0237-42-1117 (Saito))
Person of Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office safflower Festival 2018
Saturday, July 7 ・
8th Sunday
Person of Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office
We hold safflower knob experience and safflower photography party (there is model).
Town ordinary preservation utilization meeting (Nakayama-machi Board of Education) of black wall (TEL: 023-662-2235)
Kahoku-cho Safflower Museum
beni flower Festival
Saturday, July 7 ・
8th Sunday
Kahoku-cho Safflower Museum
We present cut flowers of safflower to both Communist Party of Japan (there is only for number). Other than deep red dyeing experience, animal contact experience, guidance by beni flower guide, we hold safflower sketch society (primary schoolchild-limited), Mogami safflower cut flowers exhibition, safflower apparel exhibition, petit stall.
Kahoku-cho tourist association (TEL: 0237-72-3787)
The 24th Shirataka Safflower Festival 2018
Saturday, July 14 ・
15th Sunday
Takino interchange building, Hagino Dainichi temple, Ten Kings of Hades fortune-telling district
Pour gourmet only by Shirataka including Shirataka soba and lively safflower mall, hand corps (during recruitment of safflower knob experients) of flower knob cat, Safflower Dyeing experience, rouge; sale of experience, farm products direct sale and SHIRATAKA RED product.
Shirataka-cho Tourist Association (TEL: 0238-86-0086)
"Safflower colors" 2018
July 2 (lizard's tail, Mon) ~ 29th Sunday
Rough grindstone station square interchange facility others
It is made with work using Safflower Dyeing experience and safflower and holds display about history of safflower. There is offer of SHIRATAKA RED dinner which was particular about deep red lunch and Shirataka product ingredients using Shirataka product safflower.
Shirataka-cho Tourist Association (TEL: 0238-86-0086)
★It is safflower in Sendai! ★4, Ichibancho mall safflower street 2018
Saturday, June 16 ~
Monday, July 9
4, Ichibancho mall (in front of Sendai Mitsukoshi Main Building)
We color in front of Sendai Mitsukoshi Main Building with safflower to have everybody of Sendai enjoy flower of Yamagata Prefecture, "safflower".
Sightseeing in prefectural Murayama synthesis branch promotion room (TEL: 023-621-8444)
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