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Roadside Station special feature of Yamagata

"Roadside Station" of Yamagata special feature
"Roadside Station" which is indispensable to drive Yamagata in sightseeing purpose.
Would you like to take a break in unique Roadside Station slowly?
Thoroughly enjoy various facilities adding to "Roadside Station",
Please taste pleasure of positive α for sightseeing of Yamagata.

Shonai area

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Roadside Station Chokai

Roadside Station which Route 7 is along. We are full of fast food and souvenirs, ramen shop, variety including bakery. 0234-71-7222
See Roadside Station Shonai; river
Product building my Dell

With "my Dell", it is meaning of "we are waiting" at Shonai valve. Please drop in at road information, sale of special product, local farm products, break. 0235-68-2500
Roadside Station Mt. Gassan
Gassan Asahi Natural History Village

We display and sell Mt. Gassan wine and heap of special products grape deuce. There is "culture creation hall" which gathered literature, art with relation in Asahi area "mountain grape research institute" to be able to enjoy sampling. 0235-53-3411
Roadside Station Atsumi

Including restaurant which can taste fresh fresh fishery products, we sell special products of Atsumi. As play with a whore is possible, it is very popular with family visitors. 0235-44-3211
Carry Roadside Station; there is not
Fusha Ichiba [windmill market]

Please look for windmills standing along Route 47. Not only freshly picked vegetables and edible wild plants in town, but also sweets, deli food, and pickles made from local agricultural produce are lined up for sale. 0234-56-3039

Mogami area

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Korai-kan building

Theme park of Japan-Korea friendship that reproduced Korean history and culture. There is stand where restaurant, Hunkuk Trading which bibimbap and naengmyeon can taste are even on abundantly. 0233-72-3303

Murayama area

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Roadside Station Obanazawa
Village nemaru of flower shade

It is local promotion facility of road information lounge and restaurant, souvenir and farm products direct marketing facility. 0237-24-3535

Roadside Station Hebei
It is PIA aimlessly

※April 25, 2019 renewal pre-opening

Secret soybeans from hometown and "secret tofu" using natural bittern selling at stand have heavy taste, popular item. 0237-71-0529
Roadside Station Sagae
Cherry land

There is "Turkish hall" where is full of display, special products of Turkish craft and photograph that gelato is popular "Sankurambo hall" and sister city. 0237-86-3111
Make Roadside Station; river
Gassan Meisui-kan

Other than restaurant which can taste brewery of manufacturing facility and "Local Beer Gassan" of "Gassan Natural Mineral Water", derairitsu of brewery direct shipment, there is stand of souvenirs in the prefecture in the town block. One-day hot spring bath facility is added in the site, too. 0237-74-2100
Murayama's roadside Station
Other than guidebook and accommodation guidance, there are restaurant facilities such as sale, eating and drinking of product product. 0237-55-7100
Roadside Station Tendo Hot Springs
Gifts including local sake is fulfilling other than fresh fruit, vegetables from hometown in direct sale place "sun peer", too. 20 kinds or more handmade gelatos are recommended, too. 023-651-2002
Oe Roadside Station
There are sale and light meal corners such as farm output product and farm output processing thing that we got in town, special product. You can enjoy hot spring of adjacent Terume-Hakuryou Kenko Onsen-kan and kashiwaryoso. 0237-62-5845
Michi-no-Eki Roadside Rest Area “Ringo-no-Mori”
Vegetables and wine, they which fruit and wild plants, Wed and air which nature of Asahi-machi created produce look forward to all of you. Come. See you again once-in-a-lifetime chance, Buddhist services on the Lotus Sutra and the Mahayana Sutras, sermons of Buddha in three sessions ... ... 0237-85-0623

Okitama area

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Roadside Station Shirataka
Yana Park

It is fragrant and sells roasted sweetfish, tofu dengaku and ice-cream cone, juice, seasonal fruit or wild plants by charcoal fire at "Jana stand". You can enjoy dishes which are full of sweetfishes in "Ayu Ja-ya Tea House". 0238-85-5577
Takahata Roadside Station
mahoroba station

There is direct sale place to sell display corner mainly on guidebook in the town block and work of townsman, restaurant which organic rice from Takahata can eat, stand which signature product or souvenirs of Takabatakemachi can buy, seasonal vegetables or fruit. 0238-52-5433
Roadside Station Iide
Mezami no Sato tourism product building

There are product souvenir corners (folk crafts, liquor, fruits and vegetables) representing fast food corner and restaurant, Yamagata and Okitama district where abundant menu is even on prepared much. In addition, Events which child can enjoy is open through one year. 0238-86-3939
Roadside Station Tazawa
There is stand where restaurant which specialty Teuchi soba and light meal can eat and local vegetables and fruit, seasonal wild plants, folk crafts are prepared. 0238-31-2753
Roadside Station Shiroimori Oguni
Local product product direct sale place, restaurant "beech teahouse", restaurant "encounters" and, other than rest area, information corner, is established ga. 0238-62-3719
All and Nagai of Roadside Station river
"All and Nagai of river" are dispatch of sightseeing information, facilities introducing special product as doorway of Nagai-shi. We provide information and thing which are available only in Nagai and are open as "interchange base of bustle" producing vitality in town. 0238-87-1121
Roadside Station Yonezawa
Building is made in the image of castle town Yonezawa, and Uesugi culture is felt. Exhibit space that is nine changes display in period. In addition, rare general tourist information center is established in Roadside Station, and what he/she supports from sightseeing to room reservation is attractive. 0238-40-8400

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