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Trip to Yamagata

Let's have fun in the Yamagata parks!

Let's have fun in the Yamagata parks!

  • Let's play family
  • Let's enjoy sports
  • Let's enjoy Nature
  • Let's feel history

Shonai area

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Chokai-no-Mori [forest with an ocean view]
Location where you can overlook Shonai Plains, Mogamigawa, and Japan Sea It is got close, and Kenmin-no-Mori (Prefectural Public Forest) includes facilities such as the accommodations, Campsite, astronomical observation building, too. Chokai-no-Mori Forest Sansan
Hiyoriyama Park
It is famous spot for its cherry blossoms, and Sakata Hiyori wild cherry tree Festival is held every year in the middle of April. Junks with a capacity for one thousand koku of rice (it reappears with 1/2) which played an active part in former times are in garden and bring on taste of port town. Sakata-shi urban planning section
Tsuruoka Park
In Park maintained to "Tsurugaoka castle" trace, moat and stone wall in site, aged cedar of several hundred years years old let reluctance of leaving of castle feel. Tsuruoka-shi Tourism and Products Division
Mt. Gassan plateau harmony park (Tsuruoka-shi) We can look at cow and sheep in magnificent plateau and can taste Mongolian mutton barbecue. Mt. Gassan plateau contact

Mogami area

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Maemori plateau
It is most suitable for hiking including grazing land, prairie. We can experience horseback riding, snowmobile, ceramic art, making soba. Mogami agriculture play building
Sakegawa-mura eco-park (Sakegawa-mura) General stay type nature Park that featured the theme of "symbiosis with nature." The accommodations and the training facility of free site are fully equipped with cottage automatic Campsite, too, and cafe and special product sale go, too. Sakegawa-mura eco-park
Mamurogawa Park/Bairin Park (Mamurogawa-machi) In the highlight, it is about time when spring plum and cherry blossoms bloom, and enjoying ume blossom society is held in venue, and lively stage Events is developed. Mamurogawa-machi industrial section
Mogami Central Park
Open space or playground equipment of lawn are matching and are popular among families. Colorful flower softens heart. Shinjo-shi city Maintenance Division

Murayama area

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Kajo (park) 
City park of Yamagata Castle ruin which is almost located in the center of city area. There are much culture facilities such as Yamagata-shi kyodokan hall, Yamagata Prefectural museum, Yamagata Museum of Art, Mogami's History Hall in the Park and the neighborhood. Park and Recreation Division, City of Yamagata
Nishi-Zao Park
In magnificent natural environments including marsh of six big things and small things, there are athletic playground equipment which we made use of the topography and tree in or Japanese flower gardens to be able to enjoy Campsite, bar be cue open space, various flowers in the four seasons. Nishi-Zao Park facility company community
higashineasobia land (Higashine-shi) We do activity to be able to enjoy in parent and child every exercises, cherry blossom viewing, season including soap bubbles play while taking story-telling, Ohisama of picture book under the blue sky. higashineasobia land
Yamagata-shi Nishi Park
It is iku (haguku) mu Park with rich green and place of various activity including environment learning about breath thing which lives there and the making of health while it is green and ring (wa) with "green, people, breath thing" that it is. Nishi Park park center
Yamagata Prefecture General Sports Park (Tendo-shi) There are ND software stadium, general gymnasium, tennis court, recreation pool, indoor multipurpose coat, three exercise open spaces and, in addition, in garden, there are facilities such as festival open space of free of charge facility, open space of rest, Mori of play and is used widely in each citizen of the prefecture layer. Yamagata Prefecture General Sports Park
Cape Mamigasaki river Park (Yamagata-shi) Hydrophilic space that can play with water casually is maintained and does well with barbecue and Imoni over autumn from summer. We can taste resort beach feeling in pool "Java" in Park which can swim in all seasons. Yamagata-shi government office
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Asahi Shizenkan
100 selections of northeastern stations. Was chosen saying that it was in village of cherry and had modern station building. Asahi Shizenkan
Yumihari-daira Park
Of various recreation facilities which were rich in the making of space and selectivity that made use of plateau-like natural environments that was located in the hill country of the Mt. Gassan foot of a mountain, and this area held in as much as possible is maintained. Yumihari-daira Park
Shima Site Park
It is Park maintained newly in place of designated historic spot "Shima Site" of country. It is in commerce area, and large playground equipment is popular. Parking lot is adjacent, too. The Yamagata-shi social education Youth Division
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Okitama area

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Narushima wakuwakurando (Yonezawa-shi) There are various playground equipments on large site, and, as for the roller slider of 80m to slide down in forest, even adult is above all fun. Administration office
Kawanishi dahlia garden
650 kinds, about 100,000 dahlias bloom from August through early November, and dahlia garden competes to 4 hectares. Various Events is held in the garden during period by venue. Kawanishi Dahlia Garden
Shirakawa lakefront Park
Facility which can view Shirakawa shore among magnificent Ide Mountain Range. There is automatic Campsite near Shirakawa Onsen facility and can enjoy barbecue, outdoor including having a swim in a river in families. Shirakawa shore Park
Matsu-ga-saki Park
Yonezawa Castle site which castle of ladies and gentlemen of Date, Gamo, Naoe, Uesugi did since Nagai. Association of Yonezawa Sightseeing and Products
Hometown Forest Park (Shirataka-machi) Hometown Forest Park is palace sound of boiling water in a teakettle and adjacent Park. You can move body in golf and tennis toward adult with all one's might while coming in contact with nature to child at ease. The palace sound of boiling water in a teakettle front desk

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