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Trip to Yamagata

☆Tendo Jondana Festival ☆

☆Tendo Jondana Festival ☆: Image

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Tendo John Dana festival is held this year!

<Date and Time> : Sunday, August 6, 2017 from 11:00 to 18:00
<Location> : Land bandstand (rainy weather decisive action) which is heated which is heated
Admission : No charge for admission

♪Special guest♪
 River  Atsushi (Tendo-shi native place) & Friends

 River  Atsushi (alto saxophone), Toshiyuki Daitoku (piano)
 Makoto Kitazawa (drum)     ・ Takashi Mizuhashi (base)

♪Appearance band (plan)♪
 ・YCB kurisutarusaunzu (Tendo-shi)
 ・Kumpoo (Tendo-shi)
 ・nyukauntsu Orch. (Yamagata-shi)
 ・Tono nu liberties (Iwate)
 ・Muff Ritt (Sakata-shi) of the sky
 ・Compasses Orch. (Miyagi)
 ・Sound creation (Yamagata-shi)
 ・Swinging hardware Orch. (Miyagi)
 ・Big swing face (Tendo-shi)

  ☆With chair and food and drink, please enjoy slowly☆

  Contact information :The Tendo jazz Festival executive committee secretariat  
  TEL 023-654-2552 090-5237-0154 Abe


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