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Trip to Yamagata

About catchwords

Catch phrase "Yamagata Biyori. (Always a perfect day to visit Yamagata.) " (ideal day for Yamagata)

Beautiful "Yamagata." Japanese people think about this ground
Nostalgia and warmth of ru "hometown" still breathe
Nature, culture, * of meal which protected in various places throughout the prefecture, and have been brought up
Power, hot spring and warm human empathy even if "come whenever" "where
Person taking a trip to Yamagata is changed by smile full of happiness even if we visit this
When we take a trip to Yamagata now. "Yamagata Biyori. (Always a perfect day to visit Yamagata.)" which complies We do in this.
As for anyone coming, encounter, heart are man in hometown of each heart
Added trip, such a rich trip begin here now.


[about color of catch phrase]
Blue = rich natural green = delicious farm products orange = warm human empathy
We image climate red = Sankurambo bringing up tea = history culture.




It is mo with form "face of person" of Yamagata Prefecture which it is easy to get close to clearly
Of person living in person, Yamagata visiting Yamagata to chief "faintly
We made figure which did this character.
Put straw hat with broach of Sankurambo, "pe
"Delicious Yamagata" with Lorin mark was clogged up closely
With trip bag, we enjoy trip to Yamagata.
 On May 22, 2013 than the Yamagata Prefecture governor "Yamagata Prefecture hospitality
Is entrusted chief, on December 3, 2014 "is popular Yamagata Prefecture
Section manager (follow) whom there is no on June 1, 2015 "Yamagata Prefecture
We promoted to service section manager.


[nickname] kitekerokun

[the designer] Reiko Kanno (we do, but appear and go) comes (Obanazawa-shi)
Koichi Inukai (there is dog Koichi) comes (Sagae-shi)

[naming reason] So that thought of citizens of Yamagata comes openly,
Using Yamagata dialect of meaning "that we will come" for,
We have by warm hospitality
We expressed feeling called this straight.
※Other than "kitekerokun" "kitekero" "kitekerocha"
nado, application ten using dialect called "kitekero"
There was (as for nine applicants).

[offer period] From January 21, 2013 to February 28, 2013

[the application situation] 3,693 application total number

[selection method] In the Yamagata destination campaign promotion meeting secretariat
After putting, and having performed trademark investigations,
The governor who was meeting chairperson was decided.





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