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Trip to Yamagata

Events where you can enjoy sake

Raw sake Festival (Iide-machi) from December 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018 plan of Iide
In Iide-machi of "raw sake special ward" during "raw sake Festival" period,
You can enjoy delicious "raw sake" which is full of blessings of Nature.
It is Iide-machi, Yamagata where pure white rural scenery spreads through this winter,
Please thoroughly enjoy "raw sake of Iide" of mellow, mellow fragrance.

Oyama young sake, sake brewery Festival (Tsuruoka-shi) February, 2017 (finished)
Liquor dokoro where Oyama district sent famous sake off in the whole country from old days.
Visiting sake breweries that visits four sake breweries of liquor brewing, and walks, and can sample young sake of getting out Kura,
Young sake parties that can fully taste delicious dish and fresh young sake are held.

Rokkasen "Kura visit 2017" (Higashine-shi) March, 2017 (finished)
To all of you supporting Rokkasen with thanks. Kura difference only for once a year.
To see in Kura of Rokkasen and delicious seasonal liquor, we hold "Kura visit" (KURASANKAN) to want you to hear.
Let alone the Kura exploration "hospitality" of various Events only in sake brewery and Rokkasen,
Besides, only in hometown prepare "Mai thing yes".

"Party of in spring awaiting snow-see viewing" Kawanishi young sake Festival (Kawanishi-machi) February, 2017 (finished)
Festival to enjoy young sake and food served in a pot having just finished squeezing of 4 warehousemans in the town block.
Complete advance sale reservation system. We establish sampling section that can sample precious young sake.
Please enjoy vaunted young sake while hearing explanation of warehouseman.



Yonetsuru Sake Brewery "Kura difference" (Takahata-machi) April, 2017 (finished)



Various contents such as visit in Kura and great lottery, U.S. crane product sale, product product sale, specially made stand village.
We hold Events on special stage.

Yamagata liquor Festa 2017 June 6, 2017 (Yamagata) June 8 (Tsuruoka)
Sampling society of liquor largest in Tohoku.
You can thoroughly enjoy sake, shochu, wine, whiskey, approximately 1,001 kinds of liquor including cocktail.
You can try sake using actually new liquor rice "snow goddess" of competition for drink of expensive "sake of Yamagata" of evaluation in the whole country. Sake tasting, charity, Events including lottery are held, too.

Shonai liquor Festival 2017 ~ Yamagata mellow ~ Saturday, July 1, 2017
Festival of meal that we taste food culture of Tsuruoka including blessing and traditional dish of mountain village Sea of Tsuruoka entirely and can experience.
18 sake breweries of Shonai gather and prepare for vaunted sake. We can enjoy local sake that each sake brewery selected carefully.
In conformity to liquor, let's experience "meal of Tsuruoka" that the world accepted to one's heart's content.

Flower shade local sake festival Friday, August 4, 2017
10 prefecture selected warehousemans flock! The flower shade festival eve to be able to enjoy from noon!



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