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Trip to Yamagata

Shinsoba Festival 2019 of Yamagata

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Sunday, October 6 Mt. Gassan Sansai soba Shinsoba Festival

Gassan Meisui-kan 2F

(we make Roadside Station and buy)

Holding simultaneous with whole Nishikawa Miyama Festival. Flavor not to lose to wild plants juice which seasonal mushrooms were contained in, please appreciate discerning Shinsoba which there is.
One portion 1,200 yen. Reservation required (limited number of)
We hold Shinsoba Festival in Mt. Gassan Sansai soba participation shop for from Saturday, October 26 to Monday, November 4.
The Mt. Gassan Sansai soba association secretariat
Telephone 0237-74-3135
Sunday, October 20

Denshokan Festival

Specialty of Murayama! Shinsoba first signal gong side

Murayama-shi Noson Bunka Hozon
Denshokan, open space

Enjoy Shinsoba served on long board. There is sale of advance ticket (as for the telephone reservation, possible).

Signal gong side first 11:30, the second 12:10

The third (height of board side) 13:00-13:30

Murayama-shi Farm Village Cultural Preservation Museum
Telephone 0237-53-3277
The middle of October ~

Obanazawa "Shinsoba Festival"

Each Obanazawa side way store We hold signal gong side Festival in commemoration of the Obanazawa municipal organization enforcement 60th anniversary on Saturday, October 26 in 2019. Shinsoba Festival is carried out at each member store. Obanazawa-shi Commerce, Industry and Sightseeing Division
Telephone 0237-22-1111
Sunday, October 20 Autumn Oku-Oe Yanagawa Hot Springs Festival “Shin-soba Shomi-kai” Oe-machi
"Oku-Oe Yanagawa Hot Springs"
 Lottery where "dewakaori" Shinsoba appreciation society (limited number) from Oe-machi and spot sale society of seasonal mushroom, Yamagata regional chicken, Yanagawa hot spring accommodation coupon hit is holding. 11:30-13:30 Oku-Oe Yanagawa Hot Springs
Telephone 0237-64-2151
Saturday, October 26 ~ 27 Sunday

Oishida-machi "Shin-soba Festival"


Cross culture plaza "Katsura Sakurakai building"

Teuchi soba (limited number) using native species "Raigo-ji Temple convention" by Oishida-machi. We can taste by "you have just finished sawing and establish and boil, and stand", and there is sale of advance ticket. 11:00-13:30 (we distribute rearranging ticket from 9:30) Oishida-machi industrial development section
Telephone 0237-35-2111

Saturday, October 26

Shonai ASAHI
Shinsoba Festival


Roadside Station Mt. Gassan, Gassan Asahi Natural History Village

Use of 100% of new buckwheat flour of "dewakaori" from Asahi, Tsuruoka-shi area. We prepare colander large serving, sky colander, three kinds for the sky. 300 meals of limitation. 10:30-15:00 (the end of the 14:30 acceptance)

Mt. Gassan ASAHI promotion public corporation (soba restaurant "large Sanskrit characters")
Telephone 0235-53-3413

�10/26 Saturday ~ 28 Monday

�11/1 Tuesday
~ 5 Saturday

Tendo Kogen
Shinsoba Festival


Tendo Highlands area interchange center

Closing a bargain Juwari soba which used Tendo Highlands product "dewakaori" by 100%. Itasoba one piece 700 yen. 250 meals of every day limitation. 11:00-14:00. No advance ticket. Reservation is recommended on the telephone until the day before.

NPO Tendo Highlands
Telephone 023-657-3628
Sunday, October 27 Furusato-mura Hoya Shinsoba Festival Hoya, Tsuruoka-shi
Furusato-mura Hoya
We hold Furusato-mura Hoya Shin-soba Festival in appreciation of your patronage of Furusato-mura Hoya and Autumn harvesting. Furusato-mura Hoya (during business hours on Saturday and Sunday)
Telephone 0235-57-4415
Tsuruoka-shi Kushibiki Government building industry construction section (weekdays)
Telephone 0235-57-2115

Sunday, October 27 ~ 11/4 Monday (holiday)

"Shinsoba Festival"
“Mori-no-Megumi Market”

Offer with a limitation of every day amount.


Oguni-machi forestry owners' association

Telephone 0238-62-2229

Friday, November 1
~ 30 Saturday

Mogami-gawa San-nansho Soba-kaido "Itasoba Festival" Each Murayama-shi side way shop Festival takes place at restaurants participating in “Mogami-gawa San-nansho Soba-kaido” Murayama-shi Shoko Kanko-ka [Commerce and Tourism Division]
Telephone 0237-55-2111

11/1 Friday ~

Saturday, November 30

Soba-dokoro Daibonji
"Shinsoba Festival"
Asahi, Tsuruoka-shi district
Soba restaurant "Daibonji"

 Our handmade soba is made of 100% buckwheat flour grown in Asahi.

Admission It is served unlimitedly for advance sale ticket 1,500 yen (1,600 yen on that day)

Soba restaurant ancient village "large Sanskrit characters"
Telephone 0235-53-3413

11/2 Saturday ~

4 Monday (holiday)

Furusato Mirai-kan
Shinsoba Festival
Okura-mura, Mogami-gun
Furusato Mirai-kan
Great event to fully enjoy Autumn in Shika-mura.
Try locally made fresh shin-soba with delicious smell. Farmer’s market opens and sells locally grown mushrooms and vegetables.
Furusato Kobo Mirai-kan
Telephone 0233-34-6001

11/2 Saturday ~

Sunday, November 3

Koesawa Shinsoba Festival Atsumi, Tsuruoka-shi district
“Koesawa Maya-no-yakata”
We serve special menu with a side of locally picked edible wild plants (limited for first 300 people each day). There will be a market for local products, too. Maya-no-yakata
Telephone 0235-47-2430

Sunday, November 3

"Hometown village of Tagawa Mori"
Shinsoba Festival
Tagawa, Tsuruoka-shi
Tagawa community center
Events which we can thoroughly enjoy by Tagawa
There are Shinsoba 500 yen, Soba Making Experience 1,200 yen, local special product sale.
JA Tsuruoka Tagawa Branch
Telephone 0235-35-2011

Sunday, November 3

Tozawa Shun-no-ichi (Autumn)
The 16th Shinsoba Festival
Tozawa-mura Chuo Kominkan Try freshly “grounded,” “made,” and “boiled” soba made of locally grown buckwheat in Tozawa, harvested this year Advance ticket 500 yen (2, today's ticket 600 yen-limited 900 meals Tozawa Village Tourisms Association
Telephone 0233-72-2110

Sunday, November 3

Roadside Station Tazawa Shinsoba Festival Roadside Station Tazawa relief town We can enjoy Teuchi soba of self flour milling. Restaurant 11:00-15:00 (L.O) Roadside Station Tazawa relief town
Telephone 0238-31-2753
Sunday, November 10 We describe the 25th mountain and enshrine soba Public hall (Naka branch) in Yamanobe-machi

We can taste Teuchi soba. Also, farmer’s market opens. 11:00-13:00
Admission Advance ticket 800 yen, today's ticket 1,000 yen

Branch out of Yamanobe-machi government office
Telephone 023-666-2113
Sunday, November 10 Shinjo Soba Festival

"Yamaya Seminar House"

(old Yamaya Elementary School)

We serve handmade soba made of “Mogami Wase,” locally grown in Shinjo. Holding including Shinjyo Festival musical accompaniment and stage show of Shinjyo side girls. Shinjo Soba Festival Jikko-iinkai Jimukyoku (Shinjo-shi municiple office)
Telephone 0233-22-2111
Sunday, November 10 Nodoka-mura Shinsoba Festival


Iki-iki Miyama-kyo


<Time> 10:30-14:30

Admission One piece of 600 yen (plan)

Nodoka-mura Shinsoba Festival

Telephone: 0238-85-0380

Saturday, November 16 ~ 17 Sunday

Ayu-chaya Shinsoba Festival



<Time> 10:00-15:00

Admission Advance ticket one piece 600 yen (plan), today's ticket one piece 650 yen (plan)

In addition to Soba, try our mushroom soup, sweetfish grilled with salt, deep-fried small sweetfish, Tempura, and so on.

Roadside Station Shirataka Yanaba
Telephone 0238-85-5577

Sunday, November 17

Takino Soba Festival


Takino Koryu-kan

<Time> 11:00-15:00

Admission One piece of 600 yen (plan)

Shirataki-machi Tourist Association

Telephone 0238-86-0086

Sunday, November 17

Mogami-machi Shinsoba Festival


We see hot water Topia (Mogami-machi larger section of a village Tomizawa 2344)

Including Teuchi soba using "Mogami early crop" from Mogami-machi, article tasting Mogami premature delivery including soba shochu and soba tea exhaustively is prepared. Soba Making Experience with a limitation of the number of people, direct marketing by local mother, artefact sale or announcement of short play by volunteer guide.

Admission Advance ticket 500 yen today's ticket 600 yen

Mogami-machi Shinsoba Festival executive committee

Telephone 0233-43-2340

Saturday, November 23

Palace sound of boiling water in a teakettle Shinsoba Festival


Palace Matsukaze

Convention Hall

<Time> 11:00-15:00

Admission Advance ticket 600 yen, today's ticket 700 yen

Palace Matsukaze

Telephone 0238-85-1001


Friday, November 1
~ Tuesday, December 31

Kakure Soba-no-sato Shirataka

Shinsoba campaign 2019

Participating restaurants in Shirataka-machi
・Houshi Soba
・Sobakiri Hassun
This is a campaign that you can play the lottery to win local products from Shirataka by filling the application form after eating in Shinsoba at participating restaurant Shirataki-machi Tourist Association
Telephone 0238-86-0086


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