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Trip to Yamagata

☆Meal Aya Festival of the 68th Yamagata Prefecture forestry Festival autumn)☆

☆Meal Aya Festival of the 68th Yamagata Prefecture forestry Festival autumn) ☆: Image

"Festival ~ of Yamagata Prefecture forestry Festival ~ green and Wed and Thu"
"Have taste Aya of autumn meal Aya Festival ~ Yamagata, and ~" is performed.

There is a lot of pleasant Events ♪ Carry foot by all means, everybody☆

<Date and Time> : Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 12:00 to 16:00
                 14th Sunday  From 9:00 to 15:00

Venue: : Yamagata Prefecture general exercise Park parking lot special event space (1-1, Sanno, Tendo-shi)

・Delicious food using regional farm products
・Behavior of freshly made rice cake

・Regional fresh vegetables and fruit
・Woodwork using regional wood

・Beginning kindergarten marching
・Yamagata University flower shade circle all sides song of Chu

・perorin rock, paper, scissors meet
・Rice cake making

♪Both Sun♪
・Child celebration of the completion of the framework, building block competition
・Blue sky woodwork classroom, log limit competition
・Let's play with wooden huge insects

Contact information
  The "forestry Festival" Yamagata Prefecture forestry Festival executive committee secretariat 
  TEL. 023-666-4800

  "Meal Aya Festival" Yamagata Prefecture agriculture and forestry fisheries Festivals conduct meeting
  (Yamagata Prefecture agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division agricultural administration Planning Division)
  TEL. 023-630-3085

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