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Trip to Yamagata

Hospitality driver - Obanazawa-shi, Oishida-machi -

Hospitality driver/Obanazawa-shi, Oishida-machi

Obanazawa taxi

Address: 6-1-23, Kanmachi, Obanazawa-shi telephone: 0237-23-2525

◇The first

It is Okuyama justice (mountain Kimiyoshi to employ).

Welcome to "Taisho wave abusive no Ginzan Hot Springs" Obanazawa. Tokura-ko Lake (tokurako), Mogami barge descent, Risshaku-ji Temple…. I will guide all. When you come to particularly local Ginzan Hot Springs, please give me order by all means. We lead to delicious noodle shop.

It is Seiichi Inoue (Inoue Seiichi).

Welcome to snow and watermelon and town of flower shade Obanazawa. We will introduce shops such as really delicious side, Obanazawa beef, pickle in hometown. Leave taxi sightseeing. Seasonal impression by all means together. I will guide.

◇The second

It is Jinichi Watanabe (cotton hot pot Jinichi).

We guide hard to be able to tell customer about splendor of local Obanazawa. As you will try to become pleasant trip for safe driving, please use by all means when you come to Obanazawa.

It is Yoshiharu Horie (Horie Yoshiharu).

We trace footprint of Basho Matsuo in hometown Obanazawa known to the Sea of Japan as Dewa San-zan, Zao, Risshaku-ji Temple Risshaku-ji Temple, Yamagata Castle ruins, Uesugi castle town of Yonezawa and the Hanagasa Odori (dance) birthplace, and I will guide trip of Yamagata with Yamagata dialect ... relaxing in Ginzan Hot Springs which atmosphere of romance drifts in the Taisho era.

It is Haruki Kamata (we come in spring again).

When you come to Kitamurayama area and Ginzan Onsen, leave it to me by all means. We guide heartily.

◇The third

It is Hiroshi Toyoshima (toyoshimahiroshi).

In Yamagata, we can enjoy various scenery throughout the year. Obanazawa is particularly good place. Taisho romance Ginzan Hot Springs is the best. We think that you can be satisfied with all of you very much. We look forward to the use by all means.

It is Shigeyoshi Ariji (arijishigeyoshi).

Please come to Obanazawa of a lot of delicious things to eat entirely. Nature is rich, and there are a lot of discerning ingredients. We hospitality driver will guide.

◇The fourth

It is Seiko Watarai (we dry Watarai and come).

We guide Obanazawa where there are many town of history of Basho 10 night, daiseinami** u Ginzan Hot Springs, Japan's sweetest watermelon and delicious soba restaurants by safe driving. We always keep smile in mind. "Everybody 1 degree come to Obanazawa, and come."

◇The eighth

It is Ryoichi Takahashi (we do not spread Takahashi).

Welcome to Yamagata. Obanazawa is town full of human empathy full of nature of "snow and watermelon and flower shade". I will guide with true heart with dialect. Come to thoroughly enjoy charm of Obanazawa by all means.

◇The ninth

It is Takashi Miura (we let you see and cook the other side).

Welcome to ground Obanazawa of Basho Matsuo 10 night.
This town is place where scenery of the four seasons rises clearly. Silver mine wrapped up by particularly winter snow is fantastic. You smack your lips over soba and pickles, and come to stuff the mouth with watermelon of special product in the summer, and come.

It is Kayo Ito (whether you mind).

Yamagata, Obanazawa where there is a lot of seasonal charm. It is place that can enjoy Ginzan Hot Springs in particular with friend let alone couple and family widely, and is healed. Let me help with the making of wonderful memory by all means when you come.

◇The tenth

It is Kazuhiro Miura.

We will show the highlight, food in the prefecture. As you give a kind response from child to the elderly carefully, come to Yamagata by all means.

It is Kazuteru Suzuki.

Town of "snow and watermelon and flower shade" Obanazawa.
Snow and Ginzan Onsen are the highlight in watermelon and flower shade, winter, but will guide good place of famous place where, besides, there is many and Obanazawa including delicious food in the summer. And, as for "the aunt, (Obanazawa) sa comes nemattekerasshai." (please relax)

It is Takao Oshikiri.

It is expert of Obanazawa, Oishida!
We accept help of trip of customer by hospitality of area No. 1. Please use.

It is Motohiro Odashima.

Welcome to Yamagata
Meal and liquor, natural beauty spot or scenery feeling nostalgic for slightly that delicious Wed brings up have a lot of charm seasonally. We guide by Yamagata temperament.

It is Takuto Hoshikawa.

Welcome to Obanazawa full of nature!
We will guide by safe driving heartily to be able to provide seasonal accommodation anytime. We look forward to your use.

Clouds in the eastern sky sightseeing group

Address: Otsu-600-1, Oishida, Oishida-machi, Kitamurayama-gun, Yamagata telephone: 0120-889-818

◇The seventh

It is Takuya Numazawa (we burn Numazawa).

Welcome to watermelon and village, Oishida of side. We show around Sightseeing and hot spring of Oishida, good shop of side.



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