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Trip to Yamagata

Hospitality driver - Yamagata-shi 2 -

Yamagata taxi

Address: 170, Ochiaimachi, Yamagata-shi telephone: 023-622-4561

◇The first

It is Satoshi Tanaka (we realize whether it is shelf).

My guide thinks encounter with customer to be helped with the making of memory of trip carefully. We tell about information such as history, culture, nature, meal of Yamagata and do our best to meet request.

◇The second

It is Yuichi Yarimizu (spear Elatostema umbellatum var.majus (mizu) Yuichi).

Yamagata? Including the Sankurambo, Risshaku-ji Temple (Basho Matsuo), Zao (Juhyo tree (tree rime), ski), in late years best Imoni society in Japan, besides, there is a lot of highlight. You are delicious, and come to beautiful town Yamagata by all means even if you eat anything. I help with trip.

◇The third

It is Mitsuru Muraoka (irregularity proprietress string).

Among the beautiful mountains, do you not feel clear air and sky to be? Cherry picking of early summer. "Seasonal pastime that gives poetic charm including autumn new soba and Imoni society is substantial, too". Do you not visit such "oldness of heart" and Yamagata?  I will guide.

It is Satoru Miyake (we see and are jealous and realize).

Welcome to seasonal Yamagata! For these past several years, in each municipality of Yamagata Prefecture, local we lay emphasis on sightseeing surprisingly, too. If I can tell about such hot thought; ・・! We think of this.

It is Masayuki Goto (father Masayuki).

There is much Sightseeing in Yamagata, and there is also seasonal delicious food surprisingly a lot. Carry foot to paths of Dewa Yamagata again and again no by all means. We are waiting.

◇The fourth

It is shokawagashu (brook Masahide).

Yamagata is hot; and cold itokoro ... Therefore the four seasons are beautiful. When all of you had you come, time is "in" season of Yamagata. We look forward to encounter with all of you in flow when historic spot, food culture that we inherited from ancient people is simple. We think to be ... if you can let you help with Yamagata "such trip that you can discover only for" oneself.

It is Kimio Ito (lord minding).

I of side enthusiast will introduce individual noodle shop.
We are happy if used to a role of the making of memory of your pleasant trip.

◇The eighth

It is Makoto Ohata (ohatamakoto).

I am from Yamagata-shi, but have experience of outside the prefecture life, too. Let me introduce good point of Yamagata that leaves hometown, and noticed. By the way, my Seoul hood is bonfire kitonuda dumpling. What is that? Do you not taste person who seemed together by all means?

◇The ninth

It is Itagaki studies (Itagaki learns).

I do not forget the original intention and keep smooth, comfortable driving in mind. We think that we help with your wonderful trip and we can make comfortable time with all of you. Time for trip is better; serve as hard as possible to be a success.

First taxi

Address: 2-18, Minami-4-bancho, Yamagata-shi telephone: 023-624-1900

◇The fourth

It is Yasuyuki Kanouchi (we defeat kana Yasuyuki).

From everyday life to customer that you came to detached room, sightseeing, we offer hospitality heartily and guide trip of fun memory. Come by all means. We are waiting.

Risshaku-ji Temple sightseeing taxi

Address: 316-1, Ochiaimachi, Yamagata-shi telephone: 023-633-1331

◇The second

It is Fumio Hirama (hiramafumio).

My hobby is visiting spas and fishing. We guide depending on special unexplored hot spring and delicious wild plants dishes, char (char), request including good shop of sweetfish firing. We will entertain with Risshaku-ji Temple, Dewa San-zan, Mogami River, Zao of "the depths nohoso way", Yamagata dialects including Yonezawa of Uesugi heartily.

It is Yukito Kashiwakura (kashiwagurayukito).

We will show around the highlight of Yamagata depending on request. We want to send pleasant sightseeing remaining for memory of customer. It is next tekeroya by all means to sightseeing kingdom Yamagata. We wait!

It is Shinichi Yakuwa (yakuwashinichi).

We get knowledge every day to be able to make good memory by tourists visiting Yamagata and further study and keep in mind to be able to greet for mind of hospitality.

◇The third

It is Takashi Kato (father Takashi).

We want to entertain and keep in mind that Yamagata is known because all municipalities hot springs spring out, and there are Dewa San-zan, Zao, Risshaku-ji Temple, nature and historic spot of Mogami River a lot, and to have you say that it is, "we go for sightseeing in Yamagata" from people who came to sightseeing.

It is Shuji Sato (sugar Shuji).

Fruit, hot spring, side way. How is one cup with delicious sake at night? Come to seasonal Yamagata overflowing naturally by all means. To become pleasant trip; ... (^.^)

◇The fourth

It is Masato Abe (abemasato).

A lot of delicious food is in Yamagata famous place historic spot, Shinto shrine Buddhist temple, hot spring. We guide as hard as possible to have you know charm of Yamagata. We look forward to encounter with all of you.

It is Shinya Kureyama (kureyamashinya).

We are going to not only hospitality but also the back for few driver while always keeping the best reception in mind for customer, and emphasizing good point of Yamagata.

Heisei taxi

Address: 2-6-22, Nakasakurada, Yamagata-shi telephone: 023-615-1313

◇The first

It is Koji Hasegawa (Hasegawa grows on).

We inform of pleasant trip to remain for memory heartily. When you come to Yamagata, please use.

◇The fifth

It is Takeshi Ito (Takeshi minding).

It is good place, Yamagata.
Please relax slowly.
It is poor ability, but we put true heart and offer hospitality.

◇The ninth

It is Osamu Hayashi (hayashiosamu).

Yamagata is sightseeing spot full of nature. There are various scenery through the four seasons and delicious food. We guide heartily to be able to want to come to Yamagata again.

◇The tenth

It is Masayuki Watanabe.

Yamagata such as delicious food, rich nature, warm personality has charms as they cannot count. Please come to such Yamagata. We will help with every effort.

Association of new Yamagata owner-driven taxi

Address: 15, Imazuka, Yamagata-shi telephone: 023-681-5866

◇The second

It is Isamu Goto (father is stirred).

We offer hospitality with true heart clearly brightly well.

Yamagata owner-driven taxi cooperative

Address: 7-9, Minami-2-bancho, Yamagata-shi telephone: 023-622-4567

◇The fourth

It is Ichiro Hayasaka soldier of the Imperial Guard (hayasakaichirobee).

Hello. We like Yamagata Univ., and great good kino I guide splendor of Yamagata for mind of hospitality anytime in the fall and winter in the spring and summer.
Come to meal, view, culture, person, proud Yamagata all by all means. We help with memorable trip by all means.

It is Hiroshi Watanabe (cotton hot pot Hiroshi).

Introduce ground, Yamagata full of nature with delicious food, and remain for memory of customer; if can help, is happy.

◇The seventh

It is Osamu Hirao (hiraosamu).

It is place where each seasonal food is delicious in the four seasons of Yamagata. We are proud of thing with hot spring in all municipalities. Please give me the next prefecture by all means.

Zao taxi

Address: 1-2-1, Zaomatsugaoka, Yamagata-shi telephone: 023-688-1100

◇The fourth

It is Endo length (pea Takeshi).

Yamagata is kingdom of fruit, treasure house of food. Sightseeing, sweets, side.
Of customer guide to the full.



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