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Trip to Yamagata

Hospitality driver - Yamagata-shi 1 -

Yamako Hire

Address: 2-6-1, Hinokicho, Yamagata-shi telephone: 023-681-1515

◇The first

It is Takashi Kurokawa (kurokawatakashi).

We add pressure in particular and study sightseeing. We are in charge of small car for hire, but try work of jumbo car for hire and medium-sized by bus periodical sightseeing hard mainly.

It is Kenji Kuriki (kurikikenji).

We guide with effort as hard as possible to be able to be pleased with customer. With speed near at hand, we always keep careful driving in mind. Hobby is reading and walk.

It is Tadashi Omiya (omiyatadashi).

We are in charge of medium-sized bus from small car for hire and take customer to every sightseeing spot of the prefecture. While I of drive always reclaim new famous place or scenic spot, we always study, and hobby polishes knowledge to be able to be pleased with all of you.

It is Sat red hard (tsuchiakatsuyoshi).

Sightseeing spot of Yamagata can enjoy various scenery through the four seasons. There are many interesting places in historic spots such as the site of castle or Shinto shrine Buddhist temple. I guide in warm Yamagata dialect to be able to be satisfied with all of you very much.

It is Tomohide Murayama (irregularity mountain Tomohide).

It will be that delicious dishes which we used very large nature of Yamagata and local ingredients for abundantly and simple people of Michinoku surely heal your heart and body. It is the first joy to have customer tell to be, "we come again!".
Photograph of flower shade Festival

◇The second

It is Hiroyuki Watanabe (cotton hot pot Hiroyuki).

It is look as we saw, but we make use of inborn spirit and past experience and work as heartfelt guide. Yamagata is very delicious place of fruit and side. We look forward to visit of all of you of the whole country.

It is mirror one husband (stoop down number).

You see the sights and can enjoy even inconvenient body if you can use welfare taxi. As I offer hospitality with responsibility, give order.

It is Mitsuhiro Kumasaka (bear slope Mitsuhiro).

There are full of scenic splendid sightseeing spots in Yamagata. We guide as hard as possible so that it becomes pleasant trip for all of you, and there is good memory. We are waiting for the use.

It is Kennichi Arai (rough Kennichi).

A lot of noted places are in Yamagata. We keep warm communication in mind to be able to be pleased with customer and guide hard. Hobby is fishing. We offer fishing information of Yamagata.

It is Hiroyuki Kato (father Hiroyuki).

As for the charm of Yamagata Prefecture, characteristic is in Murayama, Mogami, Okitama, four areas of Shonai each, and heart of living people is warm place. We guide by careful driving to be able to enjoy, "we see" that there is for the purpose of trip from the various area to "buy" "eating".

It is Satoru Nagaoka (Nagaoka realizes).

As for the TV saga "Tenchijin," skilled commander "Kanetsugu Naoe" of Yonezawa feudal clan will be main character next year for 2,009 years. Including Hasedo battle that fought Keiji Maeda "Kasumiga-jo Castle" which named in Yamagata castle where the Naoe forces were seen in haze distantly visit the ground of Yamagata by all means, and do not think for the distance age of civil strife? I guide.

◇The third

It is Katsumi Kato (we acquire whether we shall win).

We show around attractive scenery, Sightseeing of Yamagata Prefecture one cup of Oden igadekiruyo spirit of trip to remain for memory of customer.

It is Shigeto Ishiguri (ishigurishigeto).

We guide with true heart including noted place to introduce beautiful nature in Yamagata Prefecture and tradition and culture of Yamagata into in now. We look forward.

◇The fourth

It is Kenji Harada (haradakenji).

Yamagata Prefecture is place that is full of nature having tourist attraction, a lot of hot springs. There are Yamagata cow, Teuchi soba, dish simmered in potato, a lot of, besides, various delicious articles. As we guide by careful driving, we look forward to your coming.

It is Naoki Furusawa (Furusawa get up).

We guide for heart of hospitality that it is all one could do so that it is gone on a memorable trip of customer.
We think that we can show seasonal scenery around noted place, hot spring or delicious food clearly. We look forward to the use.

It is Shigeru Sakurai (Sakurai grows thick).

As you help so that customer can do memory of pleasant trip with tourist attraction of Yamagata and introduction of souvenirs and guidebook with chat, come to Yamagata by all means.

It is Takahiro Tsuchida (tsuchidatakahiro).

Place to look at a lot is in Yamagata Prefecture, and seasonal food is rich, too. We think that he/she lets you feel half-forgotten warmth so far if we touch local person. We look forward to coming.

◇The fifth

It is Koichi Funayama (funayamakouichi).

We have you know as hospitality driver loved by all of you on seeing beautiful place of Yamagata and would appreciate your coming to Yamagata as we keep hospitality that we want to ask Yamagata once again in mind.

It is Takayuki Kato (father Takayuki).

The spring fresh green, flower corridor, summer are trekking. We want to guide beautiful scenery of Yamagata with nature and cityscape, noted place, eyes as photographer including landmark architecture that we maintain alpine plant, autumn colored leaves, setting sun spot, winter snow scene, Juhyo tree (tree rime), four seasons.
Expertise is animal and wild bird of Yamagata.

It is Koya Kurita (kuritahiroya).

There are many scenic sightseeing spot of Yamagata and each seasonal beautiful food. As we try guidance of trip to remain for intention memory for careful driving to be able to be satisfied with all of you hard as hard as possible, we look forward to coming to Yamagata by all means.

It is Tadashi Oki Shiro (okimasashirou).

We were born and raised in Yamagata and, for several decades, enjoyed taste of seasonal beauty and food since childhood. As I love ramen, let me introduce good shop. We are good at English, too! Foreign customer is welcome, too.

◇The sixth

It is life (we do not come) full of wisteria now.

We guide the highlight, food of Yamagata with full of charm that is famous for parody of "~ haadokkoisho where cousin ~ 1 degree is in Yamagata". As kindness receives from child to elderly carefully, come to Yamagata by all means.

It is Yoshihiro Yamashita (Yoshihiro who let you stop).

After climbing stone stairway of Risshaku-ji Temple, and having thought about phrase of Basho, we heal fatigue in abundant hot spring, and, for bath agarino hunger, ball kon with full of mustard is the best! "Large pan of "Okama" of Zao and best Imoni society Festival in Japan must see it, too"!

It is Yasuhiro Asanome (asanomeyasuhiro).

Anytime seasonal hospitality…. Even if it has several times of Yamagata be the next prefecture, it entertains new impression, pleasure, taste by good reception that can want to come again to come to reception and Yamagata that seem to be able to feel. We look forward to.
Photograph of Itasoba and Sankurambo

◇The seventh

It is Chikara Sato (sugar power).

It is highlight full loading, and, in Yamagata Prefecture, seasonal local cuisine, local sake and scenery to change by season, a lot of Houses of classic God look forward to by hospitality full of human empathy.

It is Akira Endo luck (pea Toshiyuki).

Attractive tourist attraction, a lot of delicious food are in Yamagata. If memory of your pleasant trip is possible in one, we are happy.

It is Hideki Yamauchi (yamanouchihideki).

We work as every possible guide to be able to want to visit Yamagata with tourist attraction or special product of Yamagata Prefecture once again.

It is Shibuya large (shibuyahiroshi).

Tourist attraction, hot spring, a lot of delicious food are in Yamagata. As we guide with true heart by peaceful waiting on customers and careful driving, we look forward to your use.

It is Shin Okazaki Hiro (okazakinobuhiro).

We always keep heart of hospitality in mind and guide to be able to say that trip of customer was really good. We value once-in-a-lifetime chance and are looking forward to the encounter with all of you.

◇The eighth

It is Shigeyuki Uemura (chew irregularity Shigeyuki).

Sightseeing, delicious food and good place are in Yamagata a lot. We want to convey good point of Yamagata as much as possible. And when return, is seed Yamagata. In addition, it is the best if you can tell customer to want to come!

It is shorinteisho (kobayashiyasuaki).

In Yamagata treasure a lot! We guide Zao, treasure house, Sankurambo to consider to be Risshaku-ji Temple, treasure house eating rice in the first on the list, treasure house of hot spring in all prefecture municipalities, Yamagata in the four season to artworks happily. Please taste the four seasons of Yamagata.

It is Yoshiharu Inoue (Inoue Yoshiharu).

As we guide as hard as possible while meal Aya, hot spring of seasonal scenery and Yamagata pride of Yamagata being the best again, and touching the history such as Uesugi to be able to be satisfied with customer, we look forward to your coming.

It is Masanobu Kusakabe (kusakabemasanobu).

We hope to guide splendid tourist attraction of Yamagata that I from outside the prefecture see and felt, delicious thing, local sake, hot spring with true heart.

It is Okura, Yamaguchi (yamaguchidaizo).

Yamagata overflowed in various charm. We guide to become trip to remain for memory of customer. We look forward to.

◇The ninth

It is Mitsuhiro Iwamatsu (Mitsuhiro waiting for rock).

Your good place not to know is in Yamagata a lot. When you come to Yamagata, let me guide by all means to become pleasant trip. By all means!

It is Satoshi Takahashi (we persuade Takahashi).

We entertain encounter with person by driving and service easy for person carefully. We are looking forward to being able to drive seasonal Yamagata with all of you.

It is Keiichi Sato (sugar Keiichi).

It is Keiichi Sato who had authorization as hospitality driver. As is lacking in study, but get a lot of experience, and want to widen the information still more, thank you for your cooperation.

Sightseeing taxi

Address: Kamiyanbemachi, Yamagata-shi character Sun 1982-7, Tsukiyama telephone: 023-622-7288

◇The first

It is Shigeyuki Tanno (Shigeyuki of sputum).

We try so hard that you can spend trip to memorable safflower road to customer. It is in particular Sightseeing which we show around my favorite Zao by all means and want to give. We look forward to.

It is Naoki Otani (otaninaoki).

Ka-jo Castle (excessive) Park and sentence run, and, as for the guidance of noted place in Yamagata-shi including hall, leave it to me from Yamagata-shi. Surely we guide heartily to be satisfied.

It is Kenichi Moriya (forest and Kennichi).

Yamagata has abundant delicious things including fruit and liquor. "Soba" is in particular food which the whole country can be proud of. As for the guidance of delicious "side way", leave it to me by all means.
Photograph of Okama and Juhyo tree (tree rime) of Zao

◇The second

It is Shinnichi Shikano (Shinnichi).

It is me who love the history, side, hot spring of Yamagata. We are happy if we can help with the making of advice and memory of pleasant trip of customer.

It is Toshiyuki Shoji (detour phosphorus Toshiyuki).

Not only we see trip to Yamagata and enjoy, but also there is encounter with local people, and place where Japanese Hara scenery is felt is attractive. We put together in request including Zao, Risshaku-ji Temple, Mogami barge descent for heart of hospitality and guide.
Photograph of Kajo Park

◇The third

It is Akihiko Eguchi (obtain complaint Akihiko).

Each municipality has hot spring, and a lot of noted places can enjoy Yamagata Prefecture on seeing anywhere, too. We think that we can introduce such a place to customer even a little.

It is Akira Kuwabara (kuwabaraakira).

Spatula crucian carp fishing fans of the whole country! Thank you for waiting!! We show around famous fishing ground of Yamagata. Sides of Lake village of Tamamushi Pond, Maekawa dam, Ara Pond and o seawife. We guide including neighboring famous places. Lover set of spatula crucian carp fishing.

It is Masaaki Niino (niinomasaaki).

It is me who love hot spring. In Yamagata, hot spring springs out everywhere. How about ladder of footbath from public bath it in open-air bath? Of hot spring there are other a lot of noted places. I guide kindness carefulness in motto.

It is Tamaki Takahashi (takahashitamaki).

You climb stone stairway nearly 1,000 steps, and do you not look in superb view of Risshaku-ji Temple together? When we write, how is haiku by oneself who became Basho? In addition, please appreciate by all means as a lot of good noodle shops are in Yamagata.

◇The fourth

It is Hiroshi Abe (abehiroshi).

Trip while we touch Zao, Risshaku-ji Temple, flower shade Festival, Sankurambo, warmth of people of Imoni ... hometown speaking of Yamagata is sure to get that it is for memory to remember. As you put true heart and guide, come to Yamagata by all means.
Safflower field

◇The sixth


It is Tokuji Matsuzaka (Matsuzaka appears and swells).

A lot of noted places have abundant highlight in scenic castle town Yamagata among the mountains in the circumference. In addition, we are proud of hot spring or delicious fruit, side, local sake, and I come to people of the whole country by all means as I am kind and want to guide carefully.
Mogami Yoshiaki Historical Museum

◇The seventh


It is Makoto Izawa (isawamakoto).

Yamagata thinks that it is place that each can enjoy from spring young leave to ski of autumn colored leaves winter depending on place through the four seasons. As we guide for delicious food of Yamagata and oneself including scenery with effort, we would like.
(Yamagata Marugoto-kan) Beni-no-kura

◇The eighth

It is Tomio Maeda (maetatomio).

True heart puts nature, culture of Yamagata, charm, hot spring of meal and warm human empathy and guides. If memory of pleasant trip to Yamagata increases even to one, we are glad.

◇The ninth

It is Yoshio Kimura (Yoshio Kimura).

It is Dewa famous temple with a venerable history three temple mairideshita to have attracted interest in particular in the former training. We want to introduce stories that have been handed down in each three temples to customer of the prefecture widely only toward the outside the prefecture. "visit to west Ise" is very interesting about "visit to east depths" and, including other fields, wants to raise skill still more.

Yachiyo traffic

Address: 2-11-21, Naneicho, Yamagata-shi telephone: 023-622-5001

◇The first

It is Masafumi Watabe (cotton hot pot Masafumi).

Let's join in "delicious Yamagata" that we kept in nature, culture, the history, meal Aya Tomo. We guide for heart of hospitality.
Winning master award of service (Yamagata-shi)

It is Ryoichi Nakagawa (Kagawa Ryoichi).

We value encounter with customer and keep conversation and communication in mind and hope to show around seasonal good place of Yamagata. We try to be able to say that we want to come once again by all means for hospitality.
Winning master award of service (Yamagata-shi)

◇The second

It is Shuichi Suzuki (sea bass Shuichi).

We show around meeting point with customer heartily to remain on page 1 of memory carefully. When you come to Yamagata, please use.

It is Tokio Kimura (we come and solve irregularity).

We have many people know nature of seasonal Yamagata, history inheritance culture and delicious food more and we pray saying it is saying "fans of Yamagata should increase alone" and guide customer. There be, and come to Yamagata! We look forward to.

It is Maki Watanabe (cotton hot pot firewood).

Blessing of rich nature and earth. We leave something of the history everywhere of town. Please come to Yamagata of a lot of such charm by all means. We guide as hard as possible! If I can add to the one scene of memory, we are happy. gozattekerasshainaa!

It is Hisato Aihara (aiharahisato).

We show around rich naturally comfortable Yamagata as hard as possible. We try so hard that you can want to come to Yamagata once again so that customer is satisfied.

◇The third

It is Toshiyuki Kawase (exchange Toshiyuki).

We guide as hard as possible so that customer is satisfied while meal Aya of seasonal scenery and Yamagata pride of Yamagata being the best again, and mentioning the history such as Uesugi. Come to Yamagata by all means. We look forward.

It is Shoko Miyazawa (Miyazawa appears and comes).

"Welcome Yamagata sa, gozatekerasshaimashita!" For true heart, we accompany that to do taste, and to do scenery, and person quits and can enjoy Yamagata of a lot of highlight much.

It is Hiroyuki Kamata (again Hiroyuki).

Hello. It is Kamata of Yachiyo taxi driver. Person considering where we shall travel comes to Yamagata by all means this year and! It becomes a lot of highlight, a lot of delicious food, trip that we can be satisfied with by all means. By all means in Yamagata.

It is Makoto Aono (aonomakoto).

Oh! Let be, and is; Yamagata ... We dabble in circle! Moth! Rich nature. Delicious food. And it is ・・. including famous place, historic site Delicious things are varied. Have to one's heart's content! We support as hard as possible.

◇The fourth

It is Mariko Nakamura (nakamuramariko).

Yamagata Univ. enthusiast kino I guide all of you heartily. Good point of Yamagata comes and thinks that we should have you feel Yamagata close. We want to offer hospitality to have you say that it is, "we come again".

It is Shingo Takanashi (takanashishingo).

Do you know? It is Yamagata. It is not only Zao (Okama), Risshaku-ji Temple, Sankurambo, Imoni ... You come to Yamagata, and please sense bodily.
All gather! 1, 2, 3, da!

It is Kuniaki Suzuki (sea bass Kuniaki).

Both birth and the breeding are Yamagata Prefecture.
It is such me, but hopes to show everybodies of the whole country around good place of Yamagata, splendid place. Give Yamagata where I live in by all means the next prefecture!
Sentence runs; photograph of hall

◇The sixth

It is Michiko Kobayashi (Kobayashi rises and comes).

Both birth and the breeding are native Yamagata people of Yamagata. We attach heart to want heart and customer loving Yamagata to enjoy trip and guide.
We discover splendid Yamagata together and do our best to be able to be impressed.

◇The eighth

It is Kazuro Takahashi (takahashikazuo).

Rich Yamagata of thing which is delicious in rich Yamagata of the history in Yamagata that is full of Yamagata of flower, Tendo ... seasonal nature of colored leaves of hospitality guide heartily. By all means Yamagata sa "gozatekerona ~"


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