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Trip to Yamagata

Sightseeing volunteer guide | Mogami area (around Shinjo-shi)

The municipalities name of a village Name of organization Activity contents Contact information Admission
Shinjo-shi Shinjo-shi
Tour guide meeting
Guide of city sightseeing facility Shinjyo Tourist Association
Ten or less
2,000 yen a day
Half day 1,000 yen
Only in one place, it is 1,000 yen
Yuki-no-Sato information building
Volunteer guide "meeting of snow bloom"
Guide in hall Yuki-no-Sato information building
Mogami Eco police
Association of natural guidance
Natural guidance in consideration for conservation of nature Secretary general (Shirakura's house)
6,000 yen a day
Half day 3,000 yen
(information until last year.
For more details, please refer)
Meeting of Shinjyo folktale Every Sunday from February through November
(from 13:00 to 15:00)
Old days story, legend, dialect, child song
We talk about nadoo
(as for other schedules, paid)
Shinjyo hometown
History center
(admission charges 300 yen)
Kaneyama-machi Mori guide society of studying Walk of Mori, Mori play The guide secretariat of Mori
It is 500 yen /1 time for one
Mogami-machi Mogami-machi volunteer guide meeting
"Village guide of Ideyu Hot Springs and clear stream"
Culture, historic spot, natural ・ in the town block
We show around huge trees
Mogami-machi tourist association
4,000 yen a day
Half day 2,000 yen
Funagata-machi Meeting of beechmast 21 Natural observation in Horiuchi place,
Woodwork, agriculture experience
Funagata-machi center public hall
The actual expenses
Lecturer, guide charges
5,000 yen
Village guide of fist Natural walk guidance, village forest guidance,
Historic spot guidance, old story,
Native district gastrozooid omen
Eastern part of Funagata-machi town planning section group
(Funagata-machi lifelong learning
The center)
(as for the experience, paid)
Mamurogawa-machi Snow which falls on the plains play society of plum "Mamurokawa Hot Springs Senbairi-en"
Snowmobile which we centered on
Land and lesson to depend on this
Snow which falls on the plains play society of plum
(3,000 yen per one hour)
Mamurogawa-machi history workshop Commencing with the history of Sakenobe, it is volost
Friends studying history of Sat gather
It is meeting.
Mamurogawa Town Historical Museum
Transportation expenses,
We bear the actual expenses such as document charges
Meeting of Mamurogawa-machi folktale We recite folktale to reach Mamurogawa
Inherit, and children's song or play
You spread, and hand this down to many people
We go.
Board of Education Education Section
Lifelong learning section, sports charge
Mori guide society of huge tree Of trekking Courses around huge tree
Guidance, experience-based guidance
Mori guide society of huge tree
Transportation expenses,
We bear the actual expenses such as document charges
Okura-mura Okura-mura volunteer guide meeting
"Town guide of Ideyu Hot Springs"
Guidance of Tanada, marsh of Shika-mura,
Hijiori hot-spring resort guidance,
Caldera walks
Hijiori Ideyu Hot Springs building
Depending on the courses
node has a lot, and refer
Sakegawa-mura Sightseeing in Sakegawa-mura volunteer guide
"Village guide of Totoro"
Nature and culture in the town block,
Guidance such as Sightseeing
Sakegawa-mura industrial development section
Guide charges
3,000 yen
Tozawa-mura Association of Mogami-kyo Gorge guide Mogami-kyo Gorge Promenade circulation others
Sightseeing in Basho line
5000 yen per person

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