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Trip to Yamagata

Trekking guide - Mt. Nishi Azuma -

  • kamoshika observation deck (about July): Image

    kamoshika observation deck (about July)

  • We can look at many grand mountains,
    It is mountain blessed with alpine plants.
    Position of Mt. Nishi Azuma: Image
    There is more highlight in the outskirts than the mountaintop and Mt. Nishi Azuma is dotted with moor and wetlands, and has field of flowers where geum or Primula nipponica bloom in profusion in season. Brahma the Creator rock recommends the prospects from the mountaintop. It can overlook Iitoyo, Asahi, Chokai, Mt. Gassan, 5 grand mountains including Zao from Courses. We can climb even beginner casually if we use lift to north wish stand.
  • [2018 opening of the mountaineering season = Friday, June 8]
  • White hellebore (about July): Image

    White hellebore
    (about July)

  • Geum (6-7 these past months): Image

    (6-7 these past months)

  • Mountain cranberry (about July): Image

    Mountain cranberry
    (about July)

  • Primula nipponica (about July): Image

    Primula nipponica
    (about July)

  • : Image

    Gentiana nipponica
    (about August)

  • Dicentra trekking: Image
  • ● Open: Every day from mid-June through early October
  • ● Admission Ningyoite Courses 10,000 yen, Mt. Nishi Azuma Courses 12,000 yen
    ※One guide, reservation required
  • ■Field guide

    Table: Image

    Mt. Nishi Azuma guide club
    Representative: Masae Maki (makimasashi)

    It is first by security of everybody and shows around alpine plant and climate climate only in this mountain. As there are good liquor and each guide recommended shop including Yonezawa beef including ramen, visit casually.

  • ■Access

    It is 50 minutes by Yamako bus from JR Yonezawa Station
    It is one hour 30 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Iizaka, Fukushima IC
    Yamako bus

  • ■Contact

    Tengendai Kogen
    TEL. 0238-55-2236
    Homepage address

  • Table 1: Image Timetable: Image
  • MAP: Image
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