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Trip to Yamagata

Trekking guide - Asahidake -

  • Asahidake (about September): Image

    Asahidake (about September)

  • Figure of a mountain of handsome tetrahedron
    We attract many people.
    Position of Mt. Chokai-san: Image
    Regular figure of a mountain is Asahidake of popularity. Alpine plants such as Lilium rubellum grow in colonies, and ridge course to spread through every direction will show each different expressions.
  • [summer of 2018 opening of the mountaineering season]
  • Kotera Kosen Exit = Sunday, June 17
  • Asahikosen mouth = Sunday, June 17
  • Tengu mouth, Sun living Sawaguchi = Sunday, June 17
  • Nogawa, Hayama Exit = Sunday, June 17
  • Arabian bird mouth = after the middle of June (please refer to contact information below for Details)
  • Gomi Sawaguchi = Saturday, June 2, 3rd Sunday
  • Asahidake and Lilium rubellum (about July): Image

    Asahidake and Lilium rubellum
    (about July)

  • Caltha sibirica (6-7 these past months): Image

    Caltha sibirica
    (6-7 these past months)

  • Hina Leontopodium japonicum (about July): Image

    Hina Leontopodium japonicum
    (about July)

  • Takane gypsy rose (about August): Image

    Takane gypsy rose
    (about August)


● Kotera Kosen Exit

Oe-machi policy promotion section TEL. 0237-62-2111 (main)
Homepage address

● Asahikosen mouth

Asahi-machi general industrial section TEL. 0237-67-2111 (main)
Homepage address:

● Tengu mouth, Sun living Sawaguchi

Association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko (the Nishikawa merchants tax hall) TEL. 0237-74-4119
Homepage address:

● Nogawa, Hayama Exit

Sightseeing in Nagai-shi promotion section TEL. 0238-84-2111 (main)
Homepage address

● Arabian bird mouth

Asahi, Tsuruoka-shi Government building industry section TEL. 0235-53-2111 (main)
Homepage address

● Gomi Sawaguchi

Oguni-machi industrial development section TEL. 0238-62-2416
Homepage address

  • MAP: Image
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