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Trip to Yamagata

Trekking guide - Mt. Gassan -

  • The up (about August) to Mt. Gassan: Image

    The up (about August) to Mt. Gassan

  • From the highest peak, the mountaintop of Dewa San-zan of 1,984m above sea level
    360-degree vast panorama is the best part.
    Position of Mt. Gassan: Image
    Mt. Gassan of greatly dignified figure of a mountain. It is gentle, and Haguroguchi can go to the eighth stage by bus when we climb. In addition, Ubasawa Exit can use lift from Ubasawa of bus terminal. We are distinguished for view from the mountaintop in one which there is approximately midmost of Yamagata Prefecture. Vast panorama overlooking the Sea of Japan distantly opens and forgets fatigue in wonderful superb view. A lot of rare alpine plants can meet stock of mysterious black lily and Primula nipponica in the summer in mountaintop neighborhood.
  • [summer of 2018 opening of the mountaineering season = Sunday, July 1]
  • Black lily (6-7 these past months): Image

    Black lily
    (the from June to July beginning)

  • Sundew (6-8 these past months): Image

    (6-8 these past months)

  • ozekouhone (about July): Image

    (about July)

  • hosobaiwabenkei (about July): Image

    (about July)

  • Day lily (about July): Image

    Day lily
    (about July)

  • Primula nipponica (about July): Image

    Primula nipponica
    (about July)

  • Cranesbill (7-8 these past months): Image

    (7-8 these past months)

  • Pedicularis apodochila (7-8 these past months): Image

    Pedicularis apodochila
    (7-8 these past months)

  • Figure of Haguroguchi, eighth stage Courses: Image
  • ● Eighth stage Midagahara tour guide guide is alone: 10,000 yen (to guest 25 people)
  • ● Eighth stage ~ mountaintop round-trip guide is alone: 25,000 yen (to guest ten people)
  • ■Field guide

    hito: Image

    Mt. Gassan tour guide
    Yoshinobu Hanaoka (we remember Hanaoka)

    Highest peak Mt. Gassan of Dewa San-zan is 1,984m above sea level. Is good for beautiful mountain representing Yamagata Prefecture; of prefecture soared with being heavy approximately midmost, and, from old days, prospered as Mecca of mountains mountaineering asceticism. Nature is left well, too and is surprised at many plants in particular. We show around the working, the history of nature including the animals and plants safely clearly.

  • ■Access

    It is 30 minutes by JR Tsuruoka Station Shonai Kotsu bus from Shonai Airport
    It is approximately two hours by Shonai Kotsu bus from JR Tsuruoka Station
    It is 60 minutes by car from Yamagata Expressway Shonai ASAHI IC
    Shonai Kotsu:

  • ■Contact

    Haguro-cho tourist association (the Ideha Cultural Memorial Hall)
    (Midagahara tour guide) TEL: 0235-62-4727

    Association of Mt. Gassan guide (the Mt. Gassan visitor center)
    (mountaintop round-trip guide) TEL: 0235-62-4321

  • Ubasawa Exit, Mt. Gassan flower, colored leaves trekking: Image
  • ●Mt. Gassan mini-guide (available than two people)
     Flower guide (from July 1 to August 31), colored leaves guide (from September 1 to the end of October)
     Admission Adult 3,000 yen, child 2,800 yen (guide charges, lift charges, hokenryofukumi)

  • ●Mt. Gassan flower, colored leaves trekking (1 to 7 persons)
     Ushikubi tour Courses approximately four hours guide charges: 15,000 yen (as for premium, lift charges, beautification cooperation gold separately)
     Mt. Gassan mountaintop Courses approximately six hours guide charges: 20,000 yen (as for premium, lift charges, beautification cooperation gold separately)

  • ■Field guide

    Table: Image
    Table: Image

    Association of Mt. Gassan Asahi guide
    Teiji Okuyama (okuyamateiji)

    Various alpine plants bloom mountain trail itself like field of flowers. Black lily or day lily peculiar to Mt. Gassan said to be illusion are seen, and the activeness is impression thing.

  • ■Access

    It is one hour by Yamako bus from JR Yamagata Station to Mt. Gassan mouth.
    Change bus; and is 30 minutes to Ubasawa Exit
    It is 20 minutes by car from Yamagata Expressway Mt. Gassan IC
    Yamako bus:

  • ■Contact

    Gassan Asahi Guide Assosiation
    TEL. 0237-74-5130

  • Table 1: Image
  • MAP: Image
  • : Image
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