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Trip to Yamagata

Trekking guide - Mt. Ide -  

  • Stone fall swamp and Mt. north crotch (the beginning of August): Image

    Stone fall swamp and Mt. north crotch (the beginning of August)

  • One cup of highlight including flower and snowy valley,
    It is grand mountain where is recommended to senior.
    Position of Mt. Ide: Image
    It features figure of a mountain with the majestic volume. Although we are full of beech forest and valley, snowy valley, the prospects, the rare animals and plants and charm, the severe up is forced to.
  • [summer of 2018 opening of the mountaineering season = Saturday, July 7, 8th Sunday]
  • Lilium rubellum (5-6 these past months): Image

    Lilium rubellum
    (5-6 these past months)

  • Pedicularis Chamissonis (6-7 these past months): Image

    Pedicularis Chamissonis
    (6-7 these past months)

  • Potentilla (about July): Image

    (about July)


● Dainichi cedar mouth (Iide-machi) Iide-machi business and industry sightseeing section TEL. 0238-87-0523
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● Central figure Haraguchi (Oguni-machi) Oguni-machi industrial development section TEL. 0238-62-2416
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  • MAP: Image
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