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Trip to Yamagata

Let's Enjoy Autumn Festivals

Let's Enjoy Autumn Festivals
When hot summer has gone, Yamagata is filled with soft autumn atmosphere.
Festivals in Yamagata, as soft as autumn itself, are filled with fun and delicious food!
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As of August 21, 2017  
List of Autumn Festivals in Yamagata
  1. Best Imoni society Festival (Yamagata-shi) Sunday, September 17 in Japan
  2. funagata young ayu Festival (Funagata-machi) Saturday, September 9 .10 days Sunday
  3. Autumn rose festival (Murayama-shi) from Friday, September 15 to Tuesday, October 24
  4. Sagae Festival (Sagae-shi) Sunday, September 17
  5. Yachi Donga Festival (Kahoku-cho) from Saturday, September 16 to 18th Monday (holiday)
  6. Shirataka Sweetfish Festival & Shirataka industrial arts experience Festival (Shirataka-machi) from Saturday, September 16 to 18th Monday (holiday)
  7. Kaminoyama Hot Spring whole country scarecrow Festivals (Kaminoyama-shi) from Saturday, September 30 to October 9 (celebration)
  8. Marudashi Obanazawa Fureai Festival (Obanazawa-shi) from Saturday, October 7 to 8th Sunday
  9. Mt. Chokai-san deer as an envoy of god Tsunokiri Festivals (Yuza-machi) October 9 Monday (holiday)
  10. Mogami Daisangyo Festival (Shinjo-shi) from Saturday, October 7 to 8th Sunday
  11. Shinjyo taste Festival (Shinjo-shi) Saturday, October 14
  12. Sakata Donshan Festival (Sakata-shi) Saturday, October 14 .15 days Sunday
  13. Chrysanthemum Festival (Nanyo-shi) from Friday, October 13 to Sunday, November 12 of Nanyo
  14. Hijiori Hot Springs Nameko kokeshi doll Festival (Okura-mura) Monday, November 6
  15. Obanazawa Shinsoba Festival (Obanazawa-shi) Sunday, October 15 ※Details is information of 2016
  16. 3 most dangerous spots in Mogami River (river rafting) side highway (Murayama-shi) from Wednesday, November 1 to Thursday, November 30 ※Details is information of 2016
  17. Iide Aki-no-Shukaku Festival (Iide-machi) November 3 (Thur/Holiday)  ※It is information of 2016
  18. Shinjyo side Festival (Shinjo-shi) Sunday, November 5  ※Details is information of 2016
  19. Kawanishi Dariya Garden (Kawanishi-machi) from Friday, July 28 to Sunday, November 5

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