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Bits of knowledge about cherries

Bits of knowledge about cherries Knowledge of Cherry
●● Cherries of Yamagata
Cherries of Yamagata
It is in 1876 that the cherries from west Asia came to the "fruit kingdom of Yamagata". During that time, the ministry of home affairs started importing saplings from France and USA and planting them in Yamagata-shi and Yonezawa-shi.

100 years later...
The Yamagata Prefecture became number one producer in Japan.

Number one kind of popularity, of course, "Sato Nishiki Cherry."
It is Sankurambo with various kinds, but, "Napoleon" and "deep red exceedingly high mountain," "Sato Nishiki Cherry" is above all popular with "deep red sheaths" with size of Tsubu and refreshing sweetness most.
●● Reasons why the cherries of Yamagata are delicious
Reasons why the cherries of Yamagata are delicious
To bring up delicious "Sankurambo"; ...

1.Hibernation is necessary
2.During the blooming period, "being warm at noon" and "cold at night" is essential
3.Low temperature and frost are powerful enemies at flowering time
4.If temperature is always high during blooming, only the branches will grow but not the fruits
5.The fertilization is difficult during the flowering period if it rains too much
6.Because water resistance is weak, an alluvial fan with many quality pebbles for drainage is suitable
7.If it rains too much, the fruits will be destroyed or might get diseases

We are made only after nado, "land environment" "climate condition" "expertise" being equal.

In Yamagata during the rainy season, it does not rain a lot and the difference in temperature from day to night is ideal for the growth of cherries. Furthermore, effort that beautiful Wed and air and producer from Mt. Gassan do not regret brings up delicious "Sankurambo" of Yamagata.

●● Time of harvest approximation of cherries
Time of harvest approximation of cherries
Sato Nishiki Cherry
It is the best kind to represent current "Sankurambo" developed by Eisuke Sato of Higashine-shi, Yamagata.
It is a type of cherry developed by combining the Napoleon and Ogyoku varieties together to obtain a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness.

The old variety that came over to Japan in the beginning of the Meiji era. It has been very popular since long ago.
It is shaped like a heart. It is colored yellow and red.

A new variety that started in 91. It is a rather largely shaped.
It is very sweet and not very sour. Flesh is well tightened well. This variety can last a long time.

※It is said that there is between 1500 to 2000 cherry varieties in the world.
●● Growth of Sankurambo
Growth of Sankurambo

When the cherry blossom leaves start to flutter in the wind. The flowers start to bloom in the orchard. It is very beautiful.
So in Yamagata, it is possible to do cherry blossom viewing 2 times per year!

Other than "Sankurambo," apple or la France, peach open flower, too,
Mt. Gassan having elaborate remaining snow and figure in full glory backed by Zao are right like [Shangri-la].
●● The cherries are also good for health
The cherries are also good for health
"Sankurambo" includes many vitamins minerals,
It is said that there are effects such as relieving fatigue, diuretic, inflammation and can help have beautiful skin.

Especially with its abundance of potassium, it is effective in the prevention of kidney diseased and high blood pressure.
It can also help people troubled with the gout, constipation and anemia.

We create red pigments of "Sankurambo",
The antioxidant ingredients such as anthocyanin and flavonoid are effective for the recovery of eyestrain.

If eyes are tired from PC, please have "Sankurambo".
●● Cherries of Yamagata
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