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Trip to Yamagata

Yamagata Hina Dolls

Yamagata Hina Dolls

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The Dolls' Festival that varies according to areas
Kyoho-bina has been a mainstream of hina dolls since it came into style at the same period with the prosperity of river traffic on Mogami River during Kyoho Era. These dolls look gorgeous because they are relatively large in size with longer face, and gold brocade is used for their attire.
Noble attire is authentically re-created on hina dolls based on the tradition It is said to be the original form of Kokin-bina with 12-layered ceremonial kimono of empress doll and semi-formal attire as its signatures. It is also known as “Takakura-bina.”
Kokin-bina, which was born and became very popular in Edo, has been passed down to the present. It popularity has been spreading to Kyoto, Osaka, and further by its sophistication of employing grass eyes and beautiful attire and features.

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