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Trip to Yamagata

Yamagata easy guide


The Yamagata Prefecture is a natural treasure
The Yamagata Prefecture is located in the southwestern part of Tohoku. It occupies 2.5% of the country's
surface(9th biggest) and 72% of it's surface is
occupied by it's abundant forests.

Blessed by it's famous mountains such as Zao, Chokai, Nishi-Azuma or the Dewa San-zan (Mt. Haguro, Mt. Gassan, Mt. Yudonosan), Yamadera famous for its Basho haiku poem, the Mogami river and the abundant nature that changes from season to season.

It's agriculture is as prosperous as it's abundant nature. Rice, soba, Yonezawa beef, cherries, pears. Lately many people come to enjoy the serene nature and delicious food.

Also, in this prefecture where Hot spring water gushes out of every towns, villages and cities, surrounded by a valley, modern big Japanese hotels with many surrounding hot springs, hot springs close to the coastline, there is many different places and ways to enjoy the hot springs.

Along the Shinkansen railroad, you can enjoy many different tastes of soba noodles made with a lot of pride in a soba area called the "soba street". Also, you can come fruit picking throughout the year in Japan's number one and first cherry production area.

For further detailed information about the prefecture,
Please see "profile of Yamagata Prefecture".

Profile (Yamagata prefectural government office site) of Yamagata Prefecture


The 4 areas of the Yamagata Prefecture
The prefecture is divided into 4 big area : the Murayama district, the Oitama district, the Shonai district and the Mogami district. They all have their own distinctive nature and culture that you can enjoy.

Also, you can have fun comparing the different Yamagata
dialect variations of every district.
Murayama district
Okitama district
Shonai district
Mogami district


Nature of Yamagata Prefecture
In the Yamagata Prefecture, you can see many things from season to season.

Famous spot of cherry tree colors vividly "in spring",
Prefectural flower safflower is in full glory "in the summer".
Crop of the fields and contrast of colored leaves are beautiful "in autumn",
Rare Juhyo tree (tree rime) pleases eyes "in winter" in the world.

■Beautiful mountains _______ which surrounds Yamagata

Mt. Chokai-san which is named Dewa Fuji.
Zao that was old, and was believed in as mountaineering asceticism ground.
visit of Dewa San-zan to depths, Mt. Gassan, Mount Yudono, Mt. Haguro-san.
100 famous mountains in Japan, Mt. Ide which sit astride Yamagata, Niigata, Fukushima.

■Beautiful river _______ which flows through Yamagata

Mother river, Mogami River which run through the prefecture.
Akagawa who flows into the Sea of Japan while quenching Shonai plains.
Moonlight river which was catapulted into fame in movie "okuribito."
Clear stream which assumes sacred mountain Mt. Gassan, Asahi Peaks water source, Sogo Egawa.

Please sense the four seasons of Yamagata Prefecture among rich nature bodily.


Hot springs of the Yamagata Prefecture
It is hot spring kingdom Yamagata with hot spring in all municipalities.
Above all famous hot spring resort is 16 places how.

Zao Hot SpringsKaminoyama Hot SpringTendo Hot Springs
Sakurambo Higashine Onsen"Gassan Asahi Guide Assosiation"Sagae Onsen
Ginzan Hot SpringsAkakura OnsenHijiori Onsen
Semi Hot SpringsAkayu OnsenOnogawa Onsen
Shirabu Hot SpringsYutagawa OnsenYunohama OnsenAtsumi Onsen

In addition, in spite of being Yamagata Prefecture leaving numerousness of hot spring resort,
The feature is that kind of spring quality is abundant.

For example,
Sulfurous spring of Snow world Zao Hot Springs which is famous in the world,
Carbonated spring of Hijiori Onsen that hot spring and cold fountain gush out from about the same place,
Chloride spring of Yunohama Onsen considered to be the birthplace of surfing of Japan,
Salt-containing hydrogen sulfide springs of cityscape Ginzan Hot Springs of Taisho romance

As there is characteristic for each hot spring resort,
Please enjoy visiting spas of Yamagata Prefecture.


Food of the Yamagata Prefecture


Fruit Sankurambo which represents Yamagata.
We are proud of the best amount of production in Japan.


It is characterized by mellow fragrance and fluent taste. Amount of production is number one in Japan.


Yamagata Prefecture is amount of production of the whole country third place.
Wine of artefact is famous, too.

Soba noodles

Yamagata that is famous as soba restaurant.
There is noodle shop in various places throughout the prefecture.


Yamagata-shi is city of the ramen consumption first place. Chilled ramen of Yamagata origin is recommended in the summer.

Yonezawa beef

Yonezawa beef which becomes known in the whole country. Mouth zawaridesu which melts away.

Wild plants

Yamagata is treasure house of wild plants. We are brought up under the snow, and soft wild plants grow.


Autumn pastime that gives poetic charm is Imoni society.
As for this, it is local cuisine of Yamagata.

Rock comes

It is called milk of the sea, and rock of Shonai which is heavy, and has high nutritive value comes.


History of Yamagata Prefecture

Risshaku-ji Temple

Old historic temple which represents Tohoku that Jikaku Daishi does the open basis, and Basho Matsuo visited.

Uesugi-ke Byosho [Mausoleum of Uesugi Family]

Cemetery which is dedicated to ghost of person of Uesugi each generation feudal lord.

Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence)

Old Ariji's residence house to be transmitted through when Basho Matsuo took accommodation.

Sankyo Soko [warehouse]

Agriculture warehouse which was built in 1893. It is still used regularly.

Ken Domon Museum

About 70,000 points of works of photographer, Ken Domon from Sakata-shi store, and they are displayed.

Haguro-san Five-storied Pagoda

National treasure that it is informed that we were founded by Masakado Taira. Tower where is oldest in Tohoku.

Mount Yudono Shrine

Okuno-in Temple of Dewa San-zan.
"Is it sleeve to get wet in bathroom which is not talked about?"

Zao skiing area

Skiing area proud of Tohoku's best scale.
We can see rare Juhyo tree (tree rime) in the world.

Kajo (park) 

Castle trace of Prince Yoshiaki Mogami. Yamagata Castle ruins is famous as famous spot of cherry tree.


Festivals of Yamagata Prefecture

Flower shade Festival

In one of Tohoku 4 large Festival, dancer handles flower shade to leading.

Obanazawa Hanagasa Festival

The head family, floral sedge hat festival of Obanazawa to be said to be the floral sedge hat festival birthplace.

Murayama Tokunai Festival

Rhythm and dance that are up tempo are popularity, summer festivals of Murayama-shi.

Shinjyo Festival

Traditional Festival of Shinjyo that festival car (sea bream) which did heroic figure parades around town.

Human Japanese Chess

Festival of village Tendo of shogi which likens samurai to piece, and points at shogi.

Yonezawa Uesugi Festival

Big historical picture scroll representing Kawanakajima battle of Kenshin Uesugi and Shingen Takeda.

Chrysanthemum Festival

Splendid chrysanthemum Festival of Nanyo-shi with the best making of chrysanthemum and tradition in Japan.

Akagawa fireworks display

Fireworks display of Tsuruoka-shi coloring summer end vividly.

Yachi Hina Doll Festival

The Doll's Festival of Kahoku-cho to display hina doll which came by safflower trade.

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