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Cherry plantations In Yonezawa City

Cherry plantations In Yonezawa City
※Depending on the weather and the state of the cherries, the opening days and prices may vary.
  Please confirm the information with the orchard before going.
●● Yonezawa-shi
Name Phone number / address <Time> Rate (adult / child)
Kamimura Fruits Farm 0238-23-4107
3-3-39, Yarai, Yonezawa-shi
60 minutes 1,080 yen /860 Japanese yen
Azuma sightseeing orchard 0238-28-5431
1882, Banseichozusayama, Yonezawa-shi
30 minutes 1,200 yen /1, 000 yen /500 Japanese yen
Suzuki Farm 0238-38-6266
Yonezawa-shi 5510, Sumomoyama
There is no time limit 1,200 yen /600 Japanese yen
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