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Trip to Yamagata

☆Wakamatsu Kannon matchmaking Rogation Days ☆

☆Wakamatsu Kannon matchmaking Rogation Days ☆: Image

In the beginning of flower shade leading of Yamagata, ♪ Wakamatsu of a ~ which we enjoyed which we enjoyed ♪ It is famous in this
The Wakamatsu Kannon holds "Wakamatsu Kannon matchmaking Rogation Days" regularly.

Please go and worship at young Matsudera declared with "west Izumo, east Wakamatsu" from ancient times!

Holding schedule: Sunday 10:00 a.m. ~ first for from April, 2019 to December

◇ Date :December 1
◇ <Location> : Young Matsudera Kannondo (country important cultural property)

◇ <Contents> :We pray that all of you who had you go and worship are blessed with good matches.

◇ Prayer charges :1,000 yen

◇ [Time Table]
   9:45 ~ 10:00 ... old story
  10:00 ~ 10:30 ... matchmaking Rogation Days
  10:30 ~ 10:40 ... sermon

Contact information : Association of Tendo-shi sightseeing product TEL 023-653-1680
FAX 023-653-1685

We present Rogation Days specially made votive tablet to all of you who had you pray.

There is legend that people in hope of good match put on "red" thing in the body in young Matsudera in the old days, and went and worshiped.
All of you put on red thing in the body by all means, too, and please go and worship.

Matchmaking wine was replaced with a new one!
Letter called "matchmaking" is chief priest Ujiie calligraphy of young Matsudera what♪
In addition, ~ (^_-)- which caught prayer in young Matsudera☆

We buy and are selling in Tendo-shi sightseeing product center (Tendo Station biruparute 2F)☆
Please come to presents of Gifts and wedding ceremony!

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