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Trip to Yamagata

☆Cherry picking (association of sightseeing in Tendo-shi product recommendation orchard)☆

☆Cherry picking (association of sightseeing in Tendo-shi product recommendation orchard) ☆: Image

Cherry picking 2018
Jewel which is bright red in Tendo-shi! We can taste Sankurambo of various kinds during period.
We introduce orchard which association of sightseeing in Tendo-shi product recommends!

☆Yamagata Cherry Garden☆

Nice Gifts includes♪

We have gift-giving use!

It is approximately 2km that is the nearest than Tendo Station.
With Gifts of food pack 200 g X 2 pack!
Delightful delicious "Cherry picking" is made!
We do article sold directly, present.
There are Sato Nishiki Cherry, deep red exceedingly high mountain, too.

・Opening hours : From 6:00 to 17:00
・All-you-can-eat : 60 minutes
・Admission charges  : Adult: → 2,000 yen child → 1,000 yen
・Rose final stage : 500 g → 1 kg of 2,000 yen → 3,500 yen
・For gifts  : 1 kg → 1 kg of 5,000 yen → 1 kg of 6,000 yen → 10,000 yen

Contact information : Yamagata Cherry Garden TEL → 080-1815-1527

☆Sightseeing in Osho orchard☆

We begin with Cherry picking and can enjoy seasonal fruit hunting every season.
At stand, we sell special product of Yamagata including seasonal fruit.
National shipment such as fresh fruit is possible.
We accept Cherry picking until from Saturday, May 19 to Monday, July 16.
As you prepare for various Cherry picking plan, please check homepage.
Direct management cafe "oh! show! In cafe, Sankurambo ice-cream cone, parfait which eats, and can compete of Sankurambo are popular!

It is during greenhouse Cherry picking, bare ground Cherry picking opening of the park!
Greenhouse is the center whether Sato Nishiki Cherry, the bare ground are deep red sheaths.
You can enjoy Cherry picking without reservation.

In addition, Sankurambo parfait is quite popular in oh!show!caf? of the direct management.
It is evolution version "Sankurambo parfait black" of Sankurambo parfait!

Cooled Sankurambo with iced water, and had, and was; consent; "tear off, and please enjoy Cherry picking in expression"!

We made spot that we could take a picture of with parfait from this year♪
Do not take one piece of memory by all means; or (*^_^*)

・Opening hours : From 8:30 to 17:00 (in the reception desk until 16:00)
・All-you-can-eat : 30 minutes
・Admission charges  : Adult: → 1,620 yen child (primary schoolchild) → 1,296 yen group (more than 15 people) → 1,296 yen
         3 saiijomishu → 1,080 yen
May greenhouse Cherry picking plan (reservation required)
        Period → Adult 3,240 yen normal for from May 19 to May 31
You can enjoy Cherry picking with a choice of advantageous plan when you have you make a reservation on the Internet.

・Rose final stage : 200 g → 500 g of 800 yen → 1 kg of 2,000 yen → 4,000 yen
・Coming to the push  : 500 g → 6,000 yen

・Contact : Sightseeing in Osho orchard TEL → Toll free number 0120-15-0440

☆Nakano sightseeing orchard☆

Fruit of Sankurambo that we cultivate approximately eight kinds of Sankurambo at our garden and are more than five kinds depending on time
It becomes served unlimitedly.
In addition, you can enjoy even rainy weather as you establish rain-cover tent.
Child two years or younger can enter a kindergarten free.

It is cafe which we established.

★Cafe menu★
・Seasonal fruit parfait (limited number of) ... 750 yen
・Orchard original shake (kind changes by season) ... 500 yen ~
・Orchard original gelato (kind changes by season) ... single 400 yen, double 600 yen
・Orchard original juice ... 300 yen
※During period of Sankurambo, product of plates (pancake, French toast, crepe) is sold. Please note that you do not provide.

In suitsu which employed flesh, fruit juice of Sankurambo abundantly when we got up to cafe which we established
As you prepare, please use to Cherry picking.

・Opening hours : From 8:30 to 16:30 (in the reception desk until 16:00)
・All-you-can-eat : 30 minutes
・Admission    : Adult: → 1,620 yen child → 1,296 yen group (more than 15 people) → 1,296 yen

・Contact : Nakano sightseeing orchard TEL → 023-656-2775

☆Omachi Cherry Garden☆

We divide large garden into around 30 and are served unlimitedly without time limit.
On the day please choose article sold directly and gift-giving, delivery to home product as customer among thing which you harvested.
We do joint quality control and, with responsibility of owner, pack in front.
In the garden, rain outfit can enjoy unnecessary slowly in rainy day.

We can eat Sato Nishiki Cherry still more!

Deep red exceedingly high mountain changed color considerably, too!

・Opening of the park period :Until Saturday, June 9 ~ Tuesday, July 10 (without holiday)
・Opening hours : From 9:00 to 16:00
・Admission    : Adult: → 1,500 yen child → 1,200 yen (there is group discount, too)

・Contact : Omachi Cherry Garden TEL → 023-654-4110

☆Sightseeing in Tendo orchard☆

While comparing by eating mainly on main kind Sato Nishiki Cherry freely at our garden having 13 kinds of Sankurambo in garden
Please enjoy Cherry picking.
You can enjoy in rain-cover house in rainy day.

・Opening hours : From 9:00 to 17:00 (in the reception desk until 16:00)
・All-you-can-eat : 60 minutes
・Admission    : Adult (more than junior high student) → 1,500 yen child (primary schoolchild) → 1,300 yen
         (infant 3 years old or older) → 1,000 yen group percent (more than 20 people) → It is discounted by 200 yen each
・Rose final stage : 1 kg → 4,000 yen ~
・Coming to the push   : 1 kg → 8,000 yen ~
※There are other articles sold directly from 200 g of 400 yen, but price varies according to kind, time.

☆Flower shade orchard☆

・Opening hours : From 8:00 to 17:00 (in the reception desk until 16:00)
・All-you-can-eat : 40 minutes
・Admission    : Adult: → 1,400 yen child (primary schoolchild) → 1,000 yen
        (infant 3 years old or older) → 600 yen group (more than ten people) → Adult: → 1,000 yen child → 800 yen

☆Cherry garden☆

Fields and mountains grass store of log house is in garden, too and can experience mini-bonsai, too.
You can enjoy slowly while green including beech and maple is full.

・Opening hours : From 8:00 to 16:00
・All-you-can-eat : 60 minutes
・Admission    : Adult: → 1,300 yen child → 1,000 yen group (more than ten people) → 1,100 yen
・Rose final stage : 1kg(L) → 4,600 yen 1kg(M) → 500 g of 2,000 yen → 2,500 yen - 1,000 yen
・For gifts  : 1 kg → 500 g of 8,500 yen → 4,500 yen

・Contact information : Cherry garden TEL → 0237-47-0258

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