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Trip to Yamagata

☆Keep on sawing during the camp cold season of the 15th Tendo winter; side

☆Keep on sawing during the camp cold season of the 15th Tendo winter; side: Image

Tendo that gave to the only family to inherit the shogunate side in Hokkaido, the Tohoku district in last years of Edo era.
We reproduced the ancient taste.
As we were given to family to inherit the shogunate, it is side that is refined whether flavor is rich.

 Keep on sawing during the cold season; soba is kaku in Tendo-shi until ~ Wednesday, February 28 on Wednesday, January 10
We can eat in noodle shops.

Only, during this time, it is attributive quality not to be able to taste! !

☆Shop which keeps on sawing during the cold season, and can eat soba☆

※As, by shop, it may be available in limited quantities at offer time
 Please refer.

Store's name
AddressPhone number
Area code (023)
Akiba85-1, Nagaoka, Tendo-shi655-2450On Monday
Soba restaurant Ito-ya1-5-30, Mikkamachi, Tendo-shi653-2079On Monday
Owari shop1-6-23, Majirie, Tendo-shi654-0147On Wednesdays
Waterwheel buckwheat noodles1-3-26, Kamatahoncho, Tendo-shi653-2576No fixed holiday
Side tokochosai923-3, Naryu, Tendo-shi653-3339on Tuesdays
Closing a deal chisobayamabuki1973-1361, Araya, Tendo-shi651-4503On Thursday
Shop Ameya of handmade noodles1955-5, Yamaguchi, Tendo-shi656-2015on Tuesdays
Soba restaurant Yoshinoya3-9-21, Oinomori, Tendo-shi653-3067No fixed holiday
masamori drive-in4393-3, Kawarago, Tendo-shi656-2627No fixed holiday
Tendo Highlands family land1321, Tamugino, Tendo-shi657-3628on Tuesdays
It requires reservation until the day before
Closing a deal chisobataka kyotendoten3-1-7, Higashihaga, Tendo-shi674-8089On Wednesdays

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