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March 02, 2020

Popular Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Yamagata

Here are popular cherry blossom viewing spots in Yamagata. Cherry blossoms which is pretty, and is in full glory all over row of cherry blossom trees and classic cherry blossoms, the heap of moats more than several thousand years years old shining in the surface of the water. Please thoroughly enjoy unique cherry blossoms with various expressions that you can see only at the current time by all means. . ...more

November 06, 2013

"Oshin" movie location map

NHK Asa's continuing TV drama "Oshin" has had the highest television ratings. In honor of their 30th year of broadcasting, a movie about Oshin will be made Drawn into the world of the movie…The stage of filming in the Yamagata Prefecture ...more

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