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Ski snowboarding on-site training

Murayama area
Zao Hot Springs
(in winter)


Beautiful mountain, Mount Zao (100 famous mountains in Japan) which extend over Yamagata Prefecture and Miyagi. Zao mountains instructor helps with trekking hiking so that all of you can enjoy nature of this Zao more.

Association of Zao mountains instructor
Director Shigeo Aida

Recommended experience

Step 1

We put on and identify as tool alignment first. For security carefully!

Step 2

We practice in slope for beginner and start. Warm-up of body and feeling.

Step 3

If is getting used to snow, is ropeway; to the mountaintop. We challenge Juhyo tree (tree rime) original Courses.

Step 4

We see Juhyo tree (tree rime) close at mountaintop Station. We will think about formation process of Juhyo tree (tree rime).

Step 5

We learn disaster prevention after ski experience at the lodgings. Remember earthquake disaster, revival learning.

Experience-based facility

Zao Hot Spring ski resort introduction

There are approximately 100 accommodations in slope neighborhood in Zao Hot Springs, and put together in scale of school, and is wide; can choose. There are 14 slopes and 12 Courses which make use of the topography of nature, and were rich for change in skiing area with outstanding area in Japan and covers the whole area with 37 lifts, cable one, transport capacity of three ropeways. There are seven ski schools and supports safe ski learning happily.

In Nature looking around Juhyo tree (tree rime) and Zao Peaks of silver
Ski snowboarding to experience
Main image
Zao Hot Spring ski resort is known as top-class "Juhyo tree (tree rime)" admiration spot in the world,
From skier to horizontal stripes from beginner to senior from family to heavy user
It is Snow area largest in Tohoku having very large slope satisfying all.

We are proud of abundant Quantity of and outstanding nature of the snow and stable slope condition,
Including "Juhyo tree (tree rime) original Courses" which can enjoy very large Juhyo tree (tree rime) panorama,
Wide on-site training is possible in attraction slope.

Recommended Course (4 days and 3 nights)

Acceptance period: The early December and early April (by the slope situation)
Target school year: Primary schoolchild ~ university student
The first day
We learn earthquake disaster, revival in Miyagi by bus from Sendai Airport
Visit by guidance guide to stricken area, volunteer experience
Zaoonsen, Yamagata skiing area
We align meeting with instructor, ski tool at the lodgings
The second day
Ski snowboarding on-site training
After the end, we learn disaster prevention at the lodgings
The third day
Ski snowboarding on-site training
Juhyo tree (tree rime) appreciation experience
The fourth day
We move from Zao Hot Spring ski resort to Sendai
From Sendai Airport to way home

Experience-based contents

In slope Courses full of outstanding nature of the snow and changes, there is ski snowboarding experience that we put together in level.

Occurring "Juhyo tree (tree rime)" is admired close by unique climatic condition. As light up admiration is possible, experience-based time is available.

By snowshoe trekking to walk winter nature, we can enjoy experience in snow out of the slope.

Learning effect

Exercise effect through ski snowboarding

Learning effect about Juhyo tree (tree rime) admiration, the weather and science

We can learn variety of living environment by coming in contact with snow.

| which comes in contact with person for living Impression experience

  • Snowshoe trekking

    Snow trekking to walk snowy field in kanjiki. If "hoarfrost" and "Juhyo tree (tree rime)" that snow and ice attached to Thu of winter Mori are lucky, can you meet with winter animals?

    Zao Hot Springs Sightseeing Information Center
    708-1, Zaoonsen, Yamagata-shi
    Acceptance period
    The late January and late March
    Target school year
    More than junior high student
    The acceptance number of people
    Each time 30-40 (relations of the number of the stock of snowshoe)
    Experience-based time
    ○Central plateau: Approximately five hours ○ Juhyo tree (tree rime) Hara: Approximately six hours
    4,000 yen (guide charges, insurance charges, snowshoe rental charges)
    ※Vehicle charges distinction (as of January, 2014)
    Road 300 yen according to stock rental charges
    Road 700 yen (there is only for stock) according to winter boots rental charges
    http://zaosangakuinstructor.web.fc2.com/list1.html# snowshoe trekking
  • Juhyo tree (tree rime) admiration (in the daytime)

    Work of art "Juhyo tree (tree rime)" of nature known worldwide which special climatic condition and vegetation of Zao Peaks weave. The beautiful scenery is the world, but person who comes to have a look by reputation does not die out. Expression of Juhyo tree (tree rime) changing completely in noon and night must see it!

    Zao Ropeway
    229-3 Zaoonsen, Yamagata-shi
    Acceptance period
    The late December and early March
    Target school year
    There is no limit
    The acceptance number of people
    There is no limit (group requires reservation)
    Experience-based time
    Around two hours
    Adult 2,500 yen, child 1,250 yen
    (there is group discount) (as for the ride with lift ticket, possible)
  • Yamagata disaster prevention education

    Disaster prevention learning of lecture form that we brought picture into using projector. Help on-site training.
    Yamagata Prefecture became relief base at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, volunteer dispatch, supplies supply base. We are greatly concerned with earthquake disaster afterwards as biggest acceptance place of refugee. We make use of the experience and, at the time of basic intention, damage to disaster prevention, explain knowledge of action at refuge clearly.

    Yamagata disaster prevention center (any group)
    3308-22, Shioimachishiono, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata
    kateinobousai@gmail .com
    Acceptance period
    Whole year
    Target school year
    More than junior high student
    The acceptance number of people
    Lecture: A maximum of 100 people, help experience a maximum of 30 people
    Experience-based time
    One hour
    20,000 yen
  • Earthquake disaster, revival learning (Miyagi)

    In the coast of Miyagi, revival from earthquake disaster is carried out while stepping on stage, and we will cross in future for long term, and the process provides opportunity of valuable learning. For example, it is located within easy reach from Sendai Airport and can suggest trip to education with change to Yamagata Prefecture in two hours and field bus visit by guidance guide in *jojikuto of Natori-shi, Miyagi that is not far, easy volunteer work, lecture and experience program of Yamagata and thing putting together.

    Yamagata Tourist Association
    The education trip invitation committee secretariat
    info@yamagatakanko .com
    Acceptance period
    Whole year
    Target school year
    More than junior high student
    The acceptance number of people
    To small number of people ~ whole school age scale
    Experience-based time
    Two hours ~ 1st
    Please refer

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