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Do you not sense natural throb to be heated to be heated much in Takahata-machi full of human empathy bodily? Farming and mountain village life experience not to be able to taste can discover hint to catch power, something to live for in the everyday world!

Recommended experience

Step 1

The first rice-transplanting

Step 2

It is bagging work from harvest of beans

Step 3

Grape to be pesticide free, and to make

Step 4

The making of firewood to use in winter

In mahorobano village Takahata
Let's meet! Let's learn! We will touch!
Main image
The history of Takahata in sun cave and free-for-all cave several thousand years before 10,000, firebox rocky cavern cave,
As seen in straw-rope patterned pottery excavation discovered for the first time in Japan
People are said to have been the livable ground from old days.

In addition, climate of story that red oninadono writer of children's story "Hirosuke Hamada" which cried has begun to spin,
shifukujiato said to have learned various things until war-torn country military commander "Masamune Date" has the ceremony of manhood
Monju Kameoka, history wave including Akutsu Hachiman Shrine are abusive and can touch.

We work on a farm by farmhouse vacation rental and experience

Experience-based contents

[agriculture experience, farm output processing experience] Takahata-machi where fruit tree cultivation is prosperous other than paddy-rice product. By acceptance home environment and season, various farm output processing experiences are possible.

[rice-transplanting experience] Rice-transplanting and inekari rino experience ancient Tanada of rice by traditional technique.

[store experience] The history of Showa is mall full and experiences waiting on customers, merchandise management, sale.

Learning effect

We feel smells of sound and Sat of wind to be the five senses in nature, and food which we harvested by oneself tastes impression to line up on dining table. In addition, we deepen interest in meal.

We get importance that we plant rice in the touch of mud conflicting with means of transportation directly and traditional agricultural methods and experience and impression with friend working together.

Through waiting on customers, we learn relation or manners with another person. In addition, we get effect to feed joy and aggressiveness of work.

| which comes in contact with person for living Impression experience

  • Times lip! Cityscape walk of Showa

    All 17 building displays the eaves from Building No. 1 museum (store) to display mainly on life article at the time of the 30, Showa generation. As for the strange lifestyle at the time, the world of time machine greatly spreads out for children with the present age.

    Matchmaking street Showa mini-museum of the Showa era
    According to Showa, Takahata-machi matchmaking
    0238-57-3844 (Takahata Town Tourist Association)
    Acceptance period
    Whole year
    The acceptance number of people
    There is no limit
    Experience-based time
    Approximately one hour
  • We will walk! "Mahoroba-no-Ryokudo"

    "Mahoroba-no-Ryokudo" of full length 6� made using track ruins of Takahata railroad, Yamagata Kotsu Takahata Line. There is the writer of children's story "Hirosuke Hamada Memorial" in the starting point along the line and can circulate through JR Takahata Station by foot and bicycle.

    General Takahata Town Tourist Association
    0238-57-3844 (Takahata Town Tourist Association)
    Acceptance period
    Whole year (we cannot go at the time of snowfall.) 
    Experience-based time
    JR Takahata Station → The Hirosuke Hamada Memorial
    A 25-minute walk from about 1.6�
    Rent-a-bicycle rate one three hours 500 yen
    We hold 100 (10% off more than ten)

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General Takahata Town Tourist Association
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